Beat the Heat this Summer

Beat the Heat this Summer

Do You Know How to beat the heat this summer ?

Summer season can be one of the most tortures seasons if you don’t take of yourself. Along with the rise in temperature, you must take care of your health appropriately to beat the heat.

With times and so, you might have undergone exhaustion, dehydration, and many similar problems. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, here are the Top 7 ways to beat the heat this summer. 

7 ways to beat the heat this summer.

1. Cool As Cucumber-

Not just cucumber, It can be watermelon, Muskmelon and Mangoes are the must-have fruits. They all share one common trait. They all are rich in minerals and have a high percentage of water content.

You must include at least one summer fruit to your daily diet. This way, you provide all the necessary nutrients to your body which lets you beat the heat in the best way.

2. Style Your Summer for the heat this summer-

It can be among the most underrated style statement in your wardrobe. Summer is harsh. You must wear light colour clothes to make sure most heat is reflected.

Darker clothes tend to absorb more heat, which will increase your body temperature and make you experience major heat strokes during summer.

3. Early Bird

Waking up early during summer is a refreshing experience anyway. Even if you tend to sleep in an air conditioner, you will see breathing fresh morning breeze on your roof can be blissful.

In addition to that, it will be much more healthy if you can walk barefoot on the morning grass.

4. Bottoms up

No, not the alcoholic one. The one with the spritzers, juices and infused water. You can try a variety of healthy summer drinks to make your body feel good.

It is also among the “cool”, healthy and refreshing way to enjoy most out of the exhausting season.

5. Ice-Towel

It is simple. Take a towel, dip it into ice-cold water and wrap around your neck, while holding the ends in your hand. Now close your eyes and relax back on your chair.

You might also find athletes doing so to reduce the exhaustion from all-day practise and work. Hence, it will be like a spa experience for all of us.

6. Ice bucket

Another way to Ice can help in the war with stress and tension is Ice bucket therapy. Nothing complex. Just take a bucket, fill it with 1/4 water and add Ice cubes to it.

Put your feet in the icy-water and enjoy your juice. The blood flow will increase in your legs and eventually get cooler. Correspondingly, your body temperature will reduce, and you feel much cooler.

7. Last but Not the Least

Carry a water bottle of your own. There is no rocket-science behind it. If your mind will have an easy way to reach the water, the more water you will drink.

You can even try this even at your home. Keep a bottle where you can easily reach out too. Within a day you will see, you have consumed much more water than usual.

8. Bonus tip to beat the heat this summer

If you can find Matki to store your water, use it. It keeps your body cool with an appropriate amount of chilling of water. Try not to consume ice-water as it is bad for your internal organs.

To keep it simple, Ice is only for external use. Use regular Matki water for drinking.

 So with the following bonus tip, we would like to conclude this article. We will also be glad if you could comment down below Which Tip interested you the most. You can even read our article on 12 Healthy Homemade Summer Juices which will surely help you.

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