8 Best Electric water heater (Bathroom/Kitchen) 2021

Best electric water heater in India

During the cold temperature in India, buying the best geyser water heater, especially the best electric water heater is a must. There might be an option to heat your water through gas-stoves or an immersion rod, but having installed the best electric water heater in your house can:

  • Save you a lot of time
  • Comparatively cost-efficient then heating water on the gas
  • Easy to handle
  • Safer to use
  • A sound investment for a more extended period of comfort and ease

To help you choose the best geyser, we have mentioned below seven best electric water heaters. Not just for the bathing purposes, we have also referred a few Best electric water heaters for your kitchen. It can be beneficial to all home-makers as washing dishes won’t be freezing during the low temperatures.

You may also see most of the water heater claim to be the best in the market. But to make things easy for you, we are sharing all the Best Features, as well as the stuff We Don’t like about the electric water heater mentioned below.

This way, you can indeed decide which is the best electric water heater for you and which one has the best features that will fulfil your needs.

7 Best Electric Water Heater

1. AO Smith 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

AO-Smith-SDS-GREEN best electric water heater

AO Smith has come up with this fantastic range of water heaters for your bathroom. You can choose out of 3 options that are 15L, 20L or 25L according to the size of your family.

The tank has dual corrosion resistance as it is a Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank. A corrosion-free tank makes sure that the water inside it heats up very quickly for all its life—also, the chances of shock decrease, which keeps you safe and sound while you enjoy your shower.

In addition to this, there are three temperature options, i.e., medium and high. According to us, it is great because now you will not have to wait and mix hot and cold water; instead, you can directly get the right temperature of water from the tap.

Why you should buy it: Other than quick heating and temperature control AO smith also makes sure that you stay safe. The auto-power cut-off will automatically cut-off the heat according to the temperature you have chosen. Moreover, it also has “pressure checker” which will release some water if the temperature is beyond the safety levels.

With all this fantastic feature you can get this best electric water heater for the bathroom in India at amazon at the best price.


  • 5-star energy efficient rating
  • Corrosion-free tank for longer life of the geyser
  • Quick water heating
  • Efficient and safe
  • Thermostat (temperature control)
  • Compact in Size
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty on tank and 4-year warranty heating element


  • No free installation
  • Bad after-sale service

2. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star

Bajaj-New-Shakti-Storage geyser

Bajaj New Shakti as the name suggests is made in India product specifically built according to your needs. Firstly you can choose from 3 variants, that is 10L, 15L and 25L according to the size of your family.

As per the water treatment, the Baja water heater is capable of handling hard municipal water. It has a particular protection device that attracts all the salt from the water and keeps the tank the corrosion-free.

Why you should buy it: The heating element is quick and can deliver consistent heating for a reasonable amount of time. Anyway, you won’t need to run this geyser for so long as it is capable of storing hot water for a more extended time. Once heated, the tank makes sure that water stays at the same temperature to eliminate power usage again and again.

The size will vary depending on the variant you choose, but even after that, it is a medium-sized water heater. To ensure your safety Bajaj has installed safeguard features for overheating, dry-heating, safe multi-functional valve and fire-proof three plug cable. Overall making it among the best electric water heater in India to buy right now.


  • 4 Starr energy efficient rating 
  • Comes with a complete safeguard features
  • Made according to the Indian water condition
  • Corrosion-free tank
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • 2-year warranty on product and 5-year warranty on tank


  • The temperature monitor is not accurate
  • Pipes and miscellaneous charges are not included

3. Crompton Arno Neo 15LTR Water Heater (White)

Next on this list of the best electric water heater in India is this Crompton’s 15 Litre storage water heater. Similarly, you get three options to select from between 10L, 15L or 25L according to the size of your family.

It has a nano polymer coated tank that heats the water very efficiently. In addition, the insulation provided within the tub keeps the water heated up and save you a lot of electricity.

Why you should buy it: The best thing about Crompton water heater is the easy temperature control knob. Hence you can pre-set the temperature, and you won’t have to add any cold water later. In addition, the powerful heating element makes heating quick as it should be saving you a lot of energy.

Other features such as safety valve maintain the temperature automatically. And regarding the pressure, it has a rating of 8-bar.


  • Comes with indicating lights
  • Comes with all major safety features
  • An easy temperature control knob
  • Energy efficient
  • Quick and easy heating

Cons –

  • After-sale service is not up to the mark.

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4. V-Guard Water Heater Victo 15 litres – Free Pan India Installation with Inlet and Outlet Pipes

V-Guard is a renowned brand in India that has made safety the priority of any electronic appliances and builds among the best electric water heater in India. So does this 15L vertical water heater is. Built with very high-quality material, the tank of this corrosion-free and heat your water very effectively.

Why you should buy it: Safety should never be compromised when we are talking about electricity and water. To make sure that you can have a warm, relaxing bath without worrying about a shock, V-Gaurd electric water heater has installed a 4-layer safety system. It will cut off the power if the temperature exceeds. In addition, the multi-functional value mountains the pressure and keep this electric geyser safe.

You can adjust the temperature with the knob and can get the desired water temperature.


  • Easy Temperature control
  • Very safe appliances to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comes with attachment to 
  • 2 year Product Warranty + 3 year Heating Element + 5 year Inner tank


  • It takes time to heat the water.

5. Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR, 2KW,5 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater (White & Black)

Next and final best electric water heater for your bathroom is this Crompton Solarium Qube water heater. While purchasing you get an option of choosing between 15L & 25 L. The unique design and style of this make it an amazing choice for your modern bathroom design.

Why should buy it: The best part about it is the compact size and the amount of time it takes to heat up your water. Despite its water capacity, the geyser can heat your water in about 10min. In addition, it consumes a very less amount of energy making it a very energy-efficient appliance.

To assist you further the LED can tell you when the water is warm and you can turn off the power. Lastly, it’s easy to install so won’t cost you any extra money if you know some basics of fixing.


  • A very good heating element
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and modern design
  • Quick water heating
  • Comes with all safety features to make sure you are safe.
  • 7-year warranty


  • After-sale service is not up to the mark

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Best Kitchen Water Heater / Geyser

Now after discussing the best electric water heater for your bathroom here are the best electric water heater that you can buy for your kitchens.

1.  Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)

As by now you have can already see that Crompton has among the best electric water heater in the Indian market that you can buy from. Hence here are some benefits of purchasing this geyser.


  • Made of the stainless steel and gives you a very quick water heating efficiency
  • Rust free ABS body making sure it has a shockproof and long life.
  • High-quality water heating element
  • Very safe and secure to use in the kitchen.

2. Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater (White)

Next on the list for the best electric water heater for your kitchen is Racold Pronet New 3L water heater. It is very important to note that it is not a renowned brand, as compared to other but the particular product stands out very well.


  • High-Pressure Rating makes it the best suit for high rise buildings
  • Anti-syphoning system makes sure that the water doesn’t flow back
  • Cut-off the power when the temperature increases
  • Very quick to heat up the water

3. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White

Lastly, your best electric water heater option is the Bajaj Flora Instant water heater for kitchen. By the very own Indian Brand, Bajaj, this kitchen geyser is set to your best pick.


  • High-Pressure Rating makes it a good option if you are living in an apartment
  • Easy water heating indications
  • All safety features along with the fire-proof cable

Buying Guide

This is a small but very helpful buying guide that will make sure you the right and the best electric water heater for you and your family. So this a must-read for you. 

Types of Water Heater

There are mainly two types of water heater-

Instant Water Heater

As the name suggests it instantly heat up the water, maybe just in 5min and requires very less space. But has a capacity of the only 6L.

Storage Water Heater

Whereas on the other hand, a Storage water heater is more popular due to the diversity of options available with and give better performance as your daily companion.


This one can be tricky:

Size of FamilyManner To use itType of Geyser Ideal Capacity
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketInstant6L
2 to 3 membersBathing – bucketStorage10L to 15L
2 to 3 membersBathing – ShowerStorage15L to 25L
2 to 3 membersWashing utensilsInstant1L to 3L
4 to 8 membersBathing – bucketStorage25L
4 to 8 membersBathing – ShowerStorage25L
4 to 8 membersWashing utensilsInstant1L to 3L

Things you must Know Before Buying a Geyser

Devices that are used by the best electric water heater

– Thermostat

It is a device that makes sure to cut off the power once the temperature reaches where you set it.

– Safety Valve

A device that makes sure that pressure inside the tank is maintained and never goes off-limit to maintain safety.


High-Pressure Rating makes sure that the pressure with which the water enters is maintained so no damage is done within the tank.

Extra Points:

  • If your family is using about 100L water at the temperature of 40*C it will consume 2.4 unit per day
  • Colder climate decreases the water temperature and due to which the time to heat up the water also increase
  • Water heater wastes electricity when left on. Always switch off it after using it.
  • Make sure that you always check the temperature as it may get to warm for human skin.

In the End!

This article is to make sure you choose the best electric water heater in India. And we have compared almost every geyser that you see on the internet. We hope it will help you choose the best electric water heater for your family and if does, comment down below which one did you choose.

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