Best Juicer in India

Buying the best juicer in India can be a complicated task for anyone. Mainly due to various options in design, function and power of these juicers.

Even though they all might look the same, but you need to purchase a juicer that fulfils your needs. The juice must be fresh, pulp-free and full of nutrients to keep your family and customer happy and healthy.

Here we have listed the best juicer in India 2020 that you can purchase online. Along with this, we have also written a buying guide which will help you in choosing the best juicer according to you.

7 Best Juicer In India 202o

Sujata is a well-known brand in India which manufactures high-quality products for your kitchens and shops. Their products are among the most trusted appliances in all across India.

This particular product is a 3 in 1 combination of juicer, mixer and grinder. Due to this, it helps you in every form and takes up less space. The motor is a 900-watt powerful machine which rotates at an rpm of 22000.

The combination of this power and stainless steel blades helps in preserving the natural aroma, taste and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.

You can set the speed on low, medium or high according to your level of comfort. Moreover, the motor can work continuously up to 90 min. The juicer has a Honeycomb filter mesh which separates the pulp and gives you clean juice. It also makes it easy to clean and reuse for the long run.


  • Powerful motor
  • 3-in-1 operation
  • Shockproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • Three-speed control


  • Heating issues 

Philips manufactures one of the best juicers in India. It is due to their innovative designs and durable motor. Same goes for this appliance too.

It has a powerful motor of 700-watt which helps you in blending and extracting about 2 litres of juice from fruit and vegetables.  Also to add, due to the compact size and lightweight, you can easily carry it around and store it easily in your kitchen.

The feeding tube is 75 mm wide to save your time. You can put the fruits directly in the juicer. It also has a transparent lid where you can see fruits getting juiced.

Cleaning of this juicer is simple too. You can easily remove the lid and clean it using water. It makes it comfortable to use and easy to store.


  • Auto-clean technology
  • 75 mm feeding tube
  • Powerful motor
  • See-through juicer
  • 2-litre capacity
  • 2-year warranty


  • A bit noisy

Hestia cold press juicer is a sleek designed and powerful appliance that can make your life easier, and juice tastes healthier. It is because the machine preserves 4-times more nutrients than any other juicer in the market.

The motor gives an output of 240-watt which rotates at an RPM of 55 rpm. It crushes every fruit and vegetable that you put in with ease delivering you fresh juice every time.

Due to the bigger feed pump, you can even put fruits directly into the machine without carrying the trouble of chopping them first. Also, the body is built of the High-Quality food-grade plastic, ensuring safety and hygiene in your juice.

The machine is a lightweight and silent beast meant to keep you and your family healthy. The size of this machine is small as well, and it won’t take too much space in your kitchen.


  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Delivers juice more than any other juicer
  • Made High-Quality food-grade plastic
  • Silent operation


  • Relatively slower ( but ensures to maintain nutrients)

Kuvings manufactures one of the best kitchen appliances in the world. It is due to the high-quality product line and functioning of their appliances.

This Juicer by Kuvings is among the best juicers in India. Along with its sleek design and compact size, you can carry it around or place it easily on your shelf. Moreover, when it comes to making juice, it can make your life easier and healthier with it work.

It has a cold press juicer which has a powerful motor of 240-watt which runs at RPM of 55 rpm, with a total run time of 20 min. In this time you can prepare juice for your whole family with ease and serve them as well.

It is suitable for juicing green vegetables, fruits and even the nuts for your almond milk or so. Juicer will squeeze out every drop of juice and strain the pulp, which you can easily clean using the rotating brush and regular brush, included in the package.


  • Large feeding tube
  • Safety-lock preparation
  • Silent operation
  • Made High-Quality food-grade plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Preserve all nutrients in your juice


  • A bit overpriced

Prestige is one of the most known brands in India that delivers quality at an affordable price. It is a centrifugal juicer which makes delicious juices quickly and easily.

It comes with the power of 500-watt which extracts juice and nutrients from every fruit and vegetable.  Moreover, the blades are rust-free, which protects fruits from reaction and oxidising.

You can control the juicer with the help of an easy knob. Along with which you get features such as high-quality body and anti-skid feet which give this juicer a separate standard.

Other key features are its steel body and easy to clean features.


  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful motor


  • Heavy

Bajaj is a well-known brand in India. They manufacture possibly all kinds of kitchen appliances and products with innovative designs. This juicer also stands on the following footsteps and becoming one of the best juicer in India.

Along with black and steel design, the juicer comes with a container where you can store about 1-litre of juice. It also comes with a stainless steel mesh to filter which strains the pulp and gives you a clean glass of pulp-free-juice.

There are 2-speed controls that let you give you complete control on the preparation of the juice. You also get Backlight LED control which improves your efficiency and ease of use.

Moreover, as the motor is of 800-watt, it comes with juice, any fruit, vegetable or nut with ease while preserving the nutrients too. You will also find cleaning the juicer super easy and comfortable as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • 2-speed control
  • Backlight LED
  • 800-watt motor
  • Double lock


  • Plastic needs improvement

Borosil might not be the among most reputed brands, but this particular juicer is an exception and is one of the best juicer in India. With a stunning design and a power of 200-watt, this juicer is capable of being the next juicer in your kitchen.

The input tube is wide enough to let you put a complete fruit or vegetable directly, which saves your time from chopping them. You will also see the juicer tends to squeeze the fruits slowly which ensure maximum extraction of the juice and nutrients from the fruit or vegetable.

It comes with a 600ml juice container cup to store and serve the fresh juice. Also, the safety system such as overload alarm, overheat protection, and safety lock devices give this juicer an upper edge over other juicers.


  • Include safety system
  • Extracts every drop of juice
  • Wide tube
  • Powerful motor


  • No big brand reputation

Buying Guide

Above mentioned is the list of the best hand blenders in India. As you might have seen, they all look stunning and come very impressive packages.

But to make sure you choose the best hand blender according to your need we have written this detailed buying guide. It will help you know every in’s and out of buying a handheld blender in India.

So before you purchase any hand blender, you must read about the following terms.

Types of juicer – First and foremost, there are 3-types of juicer that you can buy. 

  • Centrifugal Juicer – They are the most common juicers that you can find in shops and home all across the world. They are capable of juicing fruits but sometimes face problem while juicing vegetable leaf and herbs. They can prepare the juice very quickly but are unable to preserve some nutrients.


  • Coldpress Juicer – These are slow juicer. But on the other side, they extract more juice than other juicer and preserves every kind of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. They are mainly compact and are best for household purposes.


  • Twin Gear – Simple design but extract the complete juice of a fruit. Mainly there are 2 gears that you either operate manually or automatically. They are very slow and are not so value for money compared to other juicers.

  • Speed – To have a variable speed setting in juicer helps to extract several juices. Green leafy vegetables, oranges and other soft food require slow speed. Whereas hard food items like coconut, carrot, beetroot etc. need high speed. 

It is better to buy a blender with speed setting function.


  • Yield Amount & Pulp – The amount of juice and extracting juicer is extracting varies. A juicer yields more juice at slow speed.

Slow (Masticating) juicers extract more juice with high nutrients. Centrifugal juicer extracts less juice with fewer nutrients as compared to Masticating and Triturating juicer. But cold press juicers have more pulp as they squeeze well and don’t get heat quickly.

Some juicers have external pulp container whereas few juicers have internal pulp container. The internal pulp system makes juicing tedious as you need to clean pulp container while juicing and attach it back. 

Drier the pulp juice extraction is well. When pulp is more and, little wet means some juice is remaining.

  • Noise – When any appliance generates noise while using then it annoys a lot. The centrifugal juicer produces a loud noise.
  • Motor power-   It starts at 200-800watts and more. It depends on your needs and usage. When you use and make juice daily or more often buy a juicer of 600 watts or more for better juice outcome.
  • Ease of Use – From cleaning to handling juicer is not a tedious task when you know everything about the juicer very well. 

Juicer which has, few moving parts is easy to clean and disassemble. Centrifugal juicer and Vertical Masticating juicer has lesser parts as compared to other types.

When the feeding tube is broad, it saves time of chopping fruits and vegetable. It also eases the cleaning process. 

We believe this article will help you choose the best juicer in India. Also the buying guide will help you know everything about juicers. Moreover, if you face any problem in choosing the best juicer for you and your family.

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