Best Mop in India in 2021

Buying the best mop in India 2021 is hard. But not any more.

We know that the traditional method of wiping the floor is painful and exhausting. Moreover, it consumes more time, wastes more water and doesn’t even let you reach every corner of your house.

No more worries. You have found the list of best mop in India 2021, that will save your energy and give you a better cleaning.

All the mops mentioned below are the most high-quality and budget-friendly mops in the market. You will see that these mops have a longer life and use less water to do better cleaning.

In this way, you save lots of water and keep your home clean and bacteria-free with less effort.

Without wasting any more time, let’s choose the best mop for you.

7 Best Mop In India 2021

Spotzero is a sub-division of Milton. They build high-quality, easy to use and budget-friendly for you. This particular is among the best mop in India 2021.

The mop uses microfibre technology to clean your floors. Through this, you can easily clean stains of oil, juice or hair and bacterias. Due to the 360-degree mobility, you can easily reach under the furniture and the corners of your house.

Along with the two refills of microfibres, you also get a twin bucket system. One part to store clean water and soap dispensers, and another to remove dirty water from the mop.

Due to big wheels on the bucket, you can easily roll it around. Moreover, to make your wiping easier, you can adjust the height of this mop. The handle lock system will hold the height and make sure you don’t need to bend.

Overall, this mop has brilliant performance and comes with a 1-year warranty with it.


  • Use microfibre
  • Cleans every kind of floors
  • Let you reach clean below the furniture
  • Expandable/ Adjustable handle
  • Twin Bucket system
  • Soap dispenser area
  • High quality in budget


  • The quality of the wheel is average

Scotch Brite is an amazing and well-known brand for manufacturing cleansing products. They build products which are useful for everyone and in everyone’s budget.

This mop has the same theory and is among the best mop in India 2021. It has microfibres that absorb the right amount of water and cleans almost every kind of dirt on the floor. You can reach every corner of your house using the long, adjustable handle.

Along, with the handle, it also has a complete, 360-degree twisting and turning. Hence, it helps you clean the spots under the sofa, table and the bed.

You can store the water in the twin-bucket. One portion to dry/wrings the mop and other to rinse it. The bucket is light-weight, so it won’t be hard to carry it around.

Moreover, you get a total of two refills of microfibres. It makes sure you don’t have to worry about it buying for a year or more


  • Lightweight 
  • Use microfibre
  • Expandable/ Adjustable handle
  • Let you reach clean below the furniture


  • No wheels on the bucket
  • No soap dispenser

As you already know, Prestige is a very successful brand in India. They manufacture products that make your life easy and comfortable. This mop is capable of cleaning all types of floors such as Marble, Wooden, Tiles, Mosaic and Granite.

In addition to mop, you get a high-quality twin bucket. One section is to rinse the mop head and another for wiping/drying it. The bucket also has a drainage hole. It lets you drain out the dirty water without facing the trouble to pick it up and pour.

To carry the bucket around, you have 2-wheels and a pulling handle. The mop head is of microfibres. It makes it easy to clean the floors. Also, if the mop head gets dirty, you can put it in a washing machine to clean it.

The whole idea behind this mop is to make sure you don’t have to put your hand in the dirty water. With this, the mop delivers the best cleaning and keep your house infection-free. According to us, this is among the best mop in India 2021.


  • 360-degree movable
  • High-quality steel and plastic
  • Easy to carry around
  • Uses microfibre
  • Let you reach clean below the furniture


  • Pulling Handle is a little weak

Gala is a manufacturer of India’s most extended home cleaning tools. The following mop is also the among the best seller mop in India.

It has a simple design and makes sure to clean your house efficiently and quickly. The light-weight of this mop makes it easy to handle, and the pivoting lets you reach hard corners. 

Overall this mop is an excellent cleanser for your house. To carry it around, you get two wheels and a handle. Due to this, you don’t have to move it as a bucket.

The rinsing and drying of microfibre are super quick. Hence wiping your floor will be done quickly. It also means there will be less bending and no pain in your back.


  • Strong Handle
  • Easy to move
  • 2-mop refill
  • Uses microfibre
  • Let you reach clean below the furniture


  • Build quality is not good

Cozylife mops are among the most elegant mops in India. This particular mop has a stainless steel handle and 360-degree mobility.

The design lets you adjust the handle of the mop according to your height. The height also allows the mop to reach the far corner of your bed. In the following package, you get 2-refills of microfibre and a twin section bucket.

The bucket allows you to carry the clean water and also to dry out the refill. The best part about using the microfiber is that when it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine and reuse it.

The following is easy to assemble, suitable for all floor type and has excellent performance


  • Uses microfibre
  • Suitable for all floor type
  • Uses microfibre
  • For all floor types


  • No wheels
  • No drainage hole

As you can see, the following mop comes with a total of 6 microfibre heads. It makes sure you will never run out of them for years.

The handle is of stainless steel and has a long life too. It is an adjustable handle which can extend up to 55 inches. Hence, it will be easy to clean floors without bending and having pain in your wrist.

The bucket is a twin section bucket that let you spin and dry in one area. And in another section, you can store clean water to rinse.

The microfibres are capable of absorbing the right amount of water and cleaning all types of floors. Overall, this is like an investment to keep your home clean for upcoming years.


  • 6 microfibre heads
  • High-quality plastic 
  • Long handle
  • Best for all floor type


  • No wheels
  • No drainage hole

Lastly, is the mop from Hugo. It is another simple mop that is capable of cleaning all types of floors.

The handle in it is long, which allows it to reach further below the beds. The microfibre on this mop, absorb the right amount of water and remove every stain.

Moreover, the twin-section bucket has almost all essential systems. It has a drainage hole to empty the bucket after use. Also, it has an area to store the cleanser.

Nonetheless, in the following package, you also get a set of 4-microfibre refills.


  • 4 microfibre heads
  • Drainage hole
  • Stainless steel and plastic
  • 360-degree movable


  • No warranty

Buying Guide-

All the above mopes are the best mop in India 2021 that you can buy. They all uses microfibers which can easily clean any type of floors.

If you want to know more about the mopes, we have written this amazing buying guide to help you know.

Types of mopes

There several types of the mop. To help you out we have written below the most common types of mopes in India.

  • Flat mops– It is a very well-known and regular kind of mop. They are flat and rectangular in shape on the head side. It comes with either a disposable pad or a reusable pad. You can easily use them for daily cleaning purpose. It is budget-friendly and light in weight.
  • Sponge MopsIt has a sponge on the head. They absorb and clean liquidy substance very well. They require proper maintenance. After every use, clean a sponge nicely to prevent from bacteria. You must replace sponge mop when it smells or breakout or discolour.
  • Dust Mops– It is also known as a dry mop. You can clean the dust on the floor, ceiling, walls and wherever dust particle is present. 
  • String Mops– They are traditional mop. This kind mops strings of cloth on the mop head. They don’t come with a bucket and makes the task fatigue.

    It has three categories-

    a) Cut end mop

    b) Loop end mop

    c) Microfiber mop

  • Strip MopThey are wet mops with a synthetic strip. They dry quickly and easy to handle. They are not good absorbent as compared to cotton mops.
  • Steam Mops – This type of mops uses steam to clean. You can clean your floor and carpet with less water. It works on electricity which heats the water, It has a refill water tank.
  • Spin MopThey are the most commonly available mop in most household. This kind of mops separates the dirty water from the mop head by a spinning method. It comes with a bucket which collects water. You can adjust stick height and also use a telescopic lock to mop floor easily.

Types of floors

  • Marble Floor – Cleaning marble flooring is simple but needs proper attention. This flooring can be clean with all type of mops. While cleaning doesn’t use an acidic substance as it can ruin your floor.
  • Steam Mops – This type of mops uses steam to clean. You can clean your floor and carpet with less water. It works on electricity which heats the water, It has a refill water tank.
  • Wooden or Laminate Floor- It requires less water to clean the floor as water can seep into the flooring. You can clean it with a steam mop or dry microfibre mop to persevere wooden flooring for the long term.
  • Vinyl Floor – You can clean this type of flooring with a sponge mop, microfiber damp mop or steam mop. They look similar to a laminate floor.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Floor- It is a tile flooring. Grout lines block more dirt between tiles. For this flooring steam mop is a good option.

Other Important terms

  • Mop head Size- Longer the mop head size better it serves. Long mop head will absorb well and clean floor quickly.
  • Mop head material- Cleaning quality also depends on the fabric of mop. The mop comes in cotton, synthetic and many more materials. Cotton and microfibre mop are best for daily cleaning.
  • Ease of you –  A mop which is light in weight is more convenient than heavyweight. It doesn’t give fatigue to hand and shoulder.Mop stick with height-adjustable facility helps you even when you have backache issue. You will not need to bend and clean easily.
  • Removable mop head is easier to clean than non-removable.

Conclusion -

With this, we sum up our pick on the best Mop in India 2021, that you can buy to make your life comfortable and home clean. From the top 7 mop these three are the best pick according to us-

  1. Spotzero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop
  2. Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop
  3. Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop

We hope this post helps you out. Comment down below which your favorite mop among this and share your queries in the comment section below.

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