Best Sewing Machine in India 2021

Best Sewing Machine in India 2020 for Home Use

Which is the Best Sewing Machine for home use? Are you too looking for the answer? Here you got it.

You see, sewing machine in India has always been source empowerment and income for many homes. You can use it for daily habit such as art, embroidery, or stitching clothes.

Also, as a source of income, by doing this professionally.

But as things have modernised, you can find the Best Sewing machine in India to make your work much smoother than ever. To help you do that, we have listed, 7 best Sewing Machine in India for your home use.

It means they are easy to use, less expensive than industrial machines and compact in size.

Moreover, you will find that these Sewing machines are at the best sellers on websites such as Amazon. Hence proving other people trust them too.

Now, without wasting any more time, here is the list with the pros and cons of 7 best Sewing Machine in India that you must buy for your work.

Best Sewing Machine in India

As you know, Usha is the most popular Sewing Machine brand, known for the best sewing machine in India. It manufactures high-quality and powerful machines, for both home use and industrial use.

The above-shown model can stitch in automatic zig-zag motions. In addition to this comes with a steady build and works effectively with every type of clothing.

Moreover, you will see that this Usha sewing machine can stitch 550 stitches in a min.

You also get a 2-year warranty from Usha, It means you can purchase it without any worry of the future.


  • 550 stitches per min.
  • Automatic zig-zag stitching
  • No vibration to disturb you
  • 14 applications including lace fixing, rolled hemming and smocking
  • Easy dial control
  • Sewing light for perfection and focus
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Can’t be used for buttons
  • Light can’t be switched off

Like the previous one, this Usha sewing machine is capable of being your helping hand. Moreover, this would be great if you create freehand embroidery designs.

It comes with Automatic Needle Threading and Powerful Triple Stitching system. Besides, to this, you get 13 stitching features to make sure you get easy of work, comfort and on-time result.

Also, the compact size and lightweight of this Usha sewing machine is an add on. And with the help of Sewing light, you get precise stitching even on the darker side of your room.

With all this, you get a 2-year warranty, making it the best Usha Sewing machine in India.


  • Easy to use, Easy to Carry and Easy to Handle
  • 13 crucial stitching features for better automation
  • Sewing light for precision 
  • Comes with unique features such as zig-zag and buttonhole stitch
  • Double-needle function
  • Reverse Stitch function
  • 2-year warranty
  • Best sewing machine 


  • No continues electric supply. Only battery operated.
  • Interlocking needs improvement
  • Threads get stuck in the machine.

Singer is a promising Indian brand which makes best sewing machines and other home appliances in India. The following Singer Sewing machine is among the easiest to use.

It comes with 8 built-in stitches and 24 stitch functions. In addition to this, you get accessories such as:

  • All-purpose foot & zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot & button sewing foot
  • Edge/quilting guide
  • Pack of needles, bobbins
  • Large thread spool cap
  • Spool pin felt, darning plate
  •  L-screwdriver
  • Seam ripper/lint brush and soft-sided dust cover.

To be clear, these are very important accessories. This comes handy in various types of stitching. The free arm feature let you reach hard places easily. Also, the Heavy Duty Metal frame gives this machine a long working life.


  • 8 built-in Stitches and 24 stitch functions
  • Easy threading
  • Multiple accessories
  • Easy Threading
  • Easy to use
  • Long life
  • Sewing light
  • 2-year warranty


  • no cons as such

Just like the Usha sewing machine, it is the successor of the above the Singer sewing machine. It is for more advance control over your stitching.

The design and working are easy to understand, even for the beginners. It comes with 32 built-in stitches. It means you just will have to select stitch type through the dial and machine will do it for you.

The compact size, builtin needle threader and the trust Singer sewing machine makes it the best sewing machine in India for home use.


  • Led lighting
  • Built-in needle threader
  • The easy stitch selector dial
  • 32 Built-in stitches
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Compact in size


  • Bobbin quality is not as good

HNSEE is a new international brand that is growing which is gaining popularity with the best sewing machines home use that they have produced. The following sewing machine is a compact, hand sewing machine.

It means you can carry, use and store it with ease. Moreover, the machine comes with advance features such as The functions to make a straight line,z-type and over 7 types of the stitch pattern.

You also get a built-in LED light in it. This will make your work much easier. It also comes with, Forward and reverses sewing. And all this work with, Adaptor, or 4 AA” battery.


  • Easy to carry and use
  • Comes with all basic requirement
  • Best sewing machine for beginners
  • Works on 4 AA” battery
  • 7 Built-in stitch pattern
  • Built-in LED light
  • Forward and reverses sewing


  • Can’t be used for long working hours

Brother is another popular brand in the market of the best sewing machine in India. The above-featured Sewing machine is among the best sewing machine for home use that you can find in India.

The compact size lets you store it and carry it easily. Moreover, it comes with features such as 14 Built-In Stitches, 4-Step Buttonhole, Led Lighting and Auto set stitch length and width.

Along with this, you get a 2-year warranty with accessories such as Paddle, Instruction Manual and Demo Dvd.


  • 14 Built-In Stitches
  • 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Led Lighting
  • Auto set stitch length and width
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design


  • No such con

After going through all the less expensive options in this list of best sewing machine, this might seem an outbreak to you. But non the less, this Brunette Sewing machine is among the best sewing machines in India. It has a digital display which gives you information about the mode, type of sewing, and much more.

You can control the speed of this machine using the buttons. Even the start and stop are controlled with the help of easy buttons on the sides.

The following machine offers you 197 stitch patterns in total, including 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet stitch.

Moreover, it comes with Memory to combine stitch patterns as well as alphabets for sewing, Automatic bobbin winder and securing function.


  • 197 stitch patterns
  •  Buttonholes
  • Multiple features
  • Advance system
  • LCD display
  • Well build
  • For the experts


  • It might be difficult to use for beginners but if you learn it, this can make your work very easy

Buying Guide -

Now, as you have read about the Best Sewing machine in India for home use, Its time to understand the machine, that you are going to purchase. To help you with it, this a simple buying guide. In addition, we also suggest you read Best Mops in India, which will make cleaning your house easy.

Types of sewing machine

To start with, let’s understand the Types of Sewing Machine.

1. Mechanical sewing machine-

Mechanical sewing machine-  This is also known as a domestic sewing machine, manual sewing machine or a traditional tailoring machine. You might be familiar with this kind of machine from times of your grandmother’s. They have basic sewing functions and, you can easily see these in Indian homes. They are mainly of two types, either hand operator place on any stand or feet adjustable presser operator fix on table base. 

These machines are nowadays not handy and lack advance functions require for sewing like embroidery. They are inexpensive and also come in some latest versions. You cannot sew thick fabrics like leather, denim into this.

2. Electronic sewing machine-

As the name says, it works on motor power. Electronic sewing machines are higher versions in comparison to mechanical machines. 

They are for expertise, tailor or any professional purpose and are best sewing machines in budget sector. These kinds of machines have more updated features which ease sewing. It comes with a minimum 6 built-in stitches and more, knob sets, thread cutter, LED display screen, automatic buttonhole feature and more advance features for smooth sewing work.

3. Computerized sewing machine-

It has an in-built display monitor and, you can also download any design by connecting with the internet. They work very fast and suitable for small scale industries. It can sew any fabric and give you a result quickly. They are high-tech and built with all modern stitching requirements.

They are expensive but comes with a variety of features and, you can even choose to customize option. It has LCD, LED and in some model touch panel.

4. Overlocker sewing machine

It cuts uneven ends and gives a finish to the fabric’s edge like handkerchiefs, pillow cover etc. They are different from a regular sewing machine and have built-in sergers. With locking edges, It also performs seaming function which avoids fraying of the fabric. It works on loopers, spool and multiple threads.

5. Embroidery machine

As the name suggest, these machines are the best sewing machine for Embroidery work. It has in-built embroidery presser foot. It is an electronic sewing machine for small business or those who have embroidery knowledge.

Computerised embroidery machine also available in the market. They are suitable for small scale industry or industrial purpose. They are expensive and you can also perform quilting, hemming. You cannot do regular stitching and designers uses it for stitching different artwork like flowers, birds, etc.

Types of built-in stitches

Various built-in stitches vary according to different brands and models of the best sewing machines.

Straight stitches and zigzag stitches are basic and most common. But the use of more types of stitches depends upon your creativity and requirements. In short, depends on you are looking for functional use or designing use or both.

  1. Reverse straight stitches
  2. Triple-layer stitches
  3. Edge lock stitches
  4. Buttonhole stitches
  5. Basting and gathering stitches
  6. Ladder stitches
  7. Running stitches 

These are only a few types and you can choose many more built-in stitches according to your choice.


Attachments are a good part of any Best Sewing Machine. They make your work more effortless and save a lot of time. Here is a list of few attachments you should look –

Bobbin – It is cylindrical and holds thread for sewing. It also comes in different shapes and sizes.

Bobbin winder– It automatically winds the thread upon an empty bobbin.

Top load bobbin – It is also known as a drop-in bobbin. It is a process in which you can take out a bobbin or drop-in bobbin by sliding a bobbin cover from the surface of the machine. It is found under the needle area and horizontal in position. 

Front-load bobbin – As the name suggests, you can access it from the little door on the front side of the machine. It is vertical in position.


These are the extra features of the best sewing machine, which are focused to make your work easy and effortless. They are not always important but beneficial if available.

Automatic needle threader – This will put a thread into your needle eye, which will avoid putting pressure on your eye and neither frustrate you.

Adjustable needle position – While sewing sometimes you need to change the direction of the needle and stitch line, with this feature you can move your needle left and right easily.

Automatic thread cutter – It will automatically cut the thread and which makes you free from the use of scissors to cut the thread.

Automatic buttonholer– This will automatically make a buttonhole for you. You just need to sew one step and then there is no looking back.

Presser foot – It holds the fabric on the machine. There are many types of presser feet and common pressers are straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch.

Feed dog – It is a part of a drop feed sewing machine. It is a metal bar with a conical shape of teeth. It moves the fabric forward and backwards with a needle plate to stitch the fabric. It is also known as a regular feed mechanism.

Speed control – This feature will help you to control the speed while sewing the fabric. 

Storage – If you are going to store it into a cupboard and take it out for work then buy a machine which is light in weight. It becomes hectic to pick a heavy weighted machine and again put it in the cupboard and take it out for work

Light-weighted machines – They are also easy to carry anywhere in the house for your work. If you have a separate table stand for your sewing machine then you can even buy heavyweights as you will not need to carry.

Noise – A machine which makes too much noise will irritate you while working so before buying take a trial and go for a less noisy machine.

Wraping Up -

In the search of best sewing machine in India we came across many brilliant options. But some were just good at one thing and loose on the other. And on other hand, Some were so over priced that the basis of sewing and earning would be lost.

“Best Sewing Machine”, As we say, stands for a  sewing machine that is Easy to use, Easy to Learn and also in Budget. Moreover, If you liked any of the sewing machine out of this extraordinary list of Best Sewing machine, you can View It At Amazon

We also recommend you to Compare the above sewing machine with the Features and Cons mentioned below. With that we wrap our article. You may also read our other articles, written to make your buying better.   

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