9 Best Single Door Refrigerator

We have listed down the 9 best Single Door refrigerator in India 2020 so that it becomes easy for you to have a clear idea of purchasing the best fridge according to your needs. As you already know, a good refrigerator in India is not only an investment but also a part of our day to day lifestyle.

After comparing every fridge that you might go for, we present you these 9 best single door refrigerator in India 2020 that you would surely be interested in. These refrigerators are sorted based on the value they bring back to you in the form of technology, convenience, and design.

If you have any confusion regarding any terms on this list, we recommend that you refer to our buying guide where everything is explained that you need to know when looking to purchase a refrigerator in India 2020.

For any further confusion, you can comment down below and we will help you out as soon as possible.

9 Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2020

Whirlpool is a renowned brand that has always built a product which would stand on its consumer’s requirement and their needs.
This fridge is a superior quality product by whirlpool with a large food basket and chiller tray to store your fruits and veggies.

It has 12-hour cooling technology during the situation of a power cut. With a 4-star energy rating and 190 liters of capacity, this fridge has been built with laminar airflow technology which gives a uniform cooling to every part of the refrigerator.

This energy-efficient fridge comes with an easy manual defrost that does its job properly and can be stated as the best refrigerator in India with a capacity that is suitable for your small family of 3-4 members.


Energy Efficiency

Moisture lock-in technology                         

Elegant look



No Inverter

As you already know, Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in India that has always built a reliable and efficient product for their consumers.

It is a 192-liter fridge with freezer capacity of 25 liters and is rated 4-star in energy efficiency by BEE. In addition to it, comes with a built-in stabilizer for its safety from electrical faults. It also has a digital inverter that makes it more efficient and less noisy.

Packed with some special features such as a separate base drawer for extra storage at room temperature, and with an inverter technology which means that it can also run on a home inverter in case of power failure. In conclusion, it is one of the best deals to go for a single door refrigerator in India.


Energy Efficiency

Less Noisy

Large Vegetable Box



No Built-in Stabilizer

LG which is  one of the most reputed brands of electronic appliances, developed this refrigerators with a total capacity of 215 litres in the competitive price bracket.

The smart inverter compressor makes this product one of the most power-efficient refrigerators out there. The refrigerator comes with a warranty of 1 year and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

With great features intake, its cooling capacity is best in its class and also to mention, it produces very less noise during its operation hence you can carry out your conversation without any disruption.

It is also one of the efficient and customer-preferred products because of its good design and its efficient working capabilities.


Energy Efficiency                                               


Less Noisy

Built-in Stabilizer


Frequently Defrosting Required

This is a 3-star refrigerator by Whirlpool with a premium design and beautiful pattern on this single door refrigerator which has a total capacity of 190 liters.

With large shaves and toughened glass, the interior is spacious and is built with the requirements of Indian families in mind. Moreover, a jumbo-sized bottle rack can store up to 2 liters of water bottles easily.

In addition, shelves are made of strong toughened glass in the interior. Most importantly it also has a built-in stabilizer so that you don’t have to worry about paying bills for its electrical faults.


Easy Cooling Control System




Less Energy Efficiency

No Inverter

Buy Stand Separately

LG has introduced refrigerator with a  total capacity of 235 Litres in single door refrigerator that will be sufficient for your family of around 5-6 members depending on your eating habits.

This refrigerator is a 5-star energy efficient which is the most that any electronic product can get, also the smart connect technology in LG connects the fridge directly to the home inverter in case of any power outage that gives more stability in its working.

The food bucket is designed to keep food fresh for a longer duration by maintaining the moisture and required airflow.

The fridge also comes with faster ice making techniques that come real handy during summer also to be mentioned it has a built-in stabilizer that cuts out the cost of any external stabilizer for the safety of a fridge.



Energy Efficiency

Maintain Moisture

Inbuilt stabilizer (90V-310V)


Not Frost Free

With a total of 215-litre capacity, this is Whirlpool’s 4 Star refrigerator which is proven to be an energy-efficient refrigerator.

It claims to maintain the required moisture and keep your food fresh for a longer duration,  that is up to 7 long days. It has a large Crisper to store  your fruits and vegetables and the new honeycomb design looks amazing in the interior which also helps in better airflow in the fridge.

As mentioned, it is a high capacity and energy-efficient fridge that will fulfill requirements of a good refrigerator in India 2020.  It will be suitable family of your 4-5 member or more depending on the food habits. 


Energy Efficiency

Large Vegetable Crisper


Spacious Interiors


Customers have complained on defrosting tray overflow

It is one of the best refrigerators in this price bracket, when searching for good efficiency and trusted product.

This economical LG refrigerator comes with a total of 190 Litre of capacity and an energy efficiency rating of 4 stars. It has built-in stabilizer that is why it is capable of handling normal fluctuations. Its moist n fresh technology comes handy when it comes to keeping the food fresh.

Smart Inverter technology of this refrigerator connects this fridge automatically to your home inverter when there is a power cut in your area.



Energy Efficiency

Built-in Stabilizer (90V-310V)


Poor quality base drawer

Vibrate and make noise

If you were looking for a large capacity and efficient refrigerator, Samsung got you covered with this amazing fridge on their list.

With 255 litres of total storage capacity, it comes with all the required features that you might be looking for in a good refrigerator in India 2020. 

With essentials like an inbuilt stabilizer and digital inverter, it tends to produce less noise and save more energy which is an addition to any single door refrigerator.

These refrigerators are 4-star energy efficient and have the capacity to keep your food fresh for 9 hours in case of a power cut. It also has a Base Stand Drawer where you can store more food items at room temperature.


Inverter Compressor

Energy Efficiency

Less Noisy


Requires too much space

The mirrored black exterior distinguishes this fridge as a premium refrigerator in this price bracket.

It has an energy rating of 5 star and comes with a  Reciprocatory Compressor which means, it does not require much maintenance in the long run.

This single door refrigrator has a total capacity of 195 litres. The fridge is efficient in making ice in one hour that makes it handy for the summer season.

The inbuilt stabilizer to protect itself from power fluctuation and comes with other features such as the external base draw. It has a warranty of 1 year on product and 10 years on compressor.


Graceful Design

Energy Efficiency

Built-in Stabilizer (135V-290V)


Not enough service centres in India

Buying Guide

Energy efficiency -

First and foremost you should always go for a higher rating in electronics to get a healthy electricity bill. Higher ratings result in less energy usage and greater efficiency. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency provides every electronic product with a rating out of 5 so that it becomes easy for you to select the best energy efficient products for yourself.

When looking for a refrigerator in India 2020, you should always go for 4 or 5 star ratings and never less than 3 star ratings as it will definitely affect its energy consumption.

Eating habits -

Eating habits of your family will also affect the decision depending on whether you are a vegetarian and non-vegetarian. If you are vegetarian you will preferably need less freezer space whereas if you are non-vegetarian you may tends to use more freezer space.

While buying a fridge, vegetarians can go for 30:70 ratio between the fridge and the freezer respectively and a non vegetarian should be looking for 40:60 ratio (if you store meat in freezer on daily basis)

Doors -

Number of Doors are mainly considered to get an idea of the storage. For a better understanding just go through the following image –

If you wish you can also check our pick for picks for the 9 Best double Door Refrigerator in India and 11 best Refrigerator in India 2020

Defrost -

This can simply be explained as the removal of ice on the walls of the freezer. This is done with special heating rods in the freezer section that melt the ice and convert it into water. This water drips into a compartment where all the defrosted water is collected. Normally this water is gone automatically due to evaporation.

There are two Defrost methods in refrigerators which are compared below-

Direct Cool

  • Defrosting is done manually
  • More energy efficient
  • Less expensive
  • Periodically defrost is to be done otherwise space and efficiency is compromised.

Frost Free

  • Defrosting is Automatic.
  • Comparatively it consumes more power to run
  • Expensive than Direct cool fridge but work load reduced

If you are looking for a less expensive fridge you can go for Direct Cool refrigerators, where according to us if your budget allows go for frost free as we believe it brings value to your money.

Built-in stabilizer -

Stabilizer is a device that provide a constant power supply to the devices to protect it from fluctuations and increases the life of the product.

Nowadays many new fridges come with built-in stabilizers and we suggest going for them only. They maintain the current input and make sure the refrigerator is safe from any power fluctuation.


Every brand has its strengths and weaknesses. We suggest you check to check all the specifications of a product that you are going to buy. You can refer to our top picks for 11 Best Refrigerator In India 2020 and even have a look at our buying guide

BEE provides star ratings for all electronic products based on their ability to energy efficiency. The rating on electronic devices varies from 1-5 stars where 1 star is the worst and 5 stars are the best devices based on their power efficiency. One should prefer for 4 stars and 5 stars rating as they prove to be best refrigerators in India in the aspect of energy efficiency.

As we said before, all brands have their strengths and weaknesses.

but the top leading companies in India for refrigerators are Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Godrej, and Samsung.

how to choose the best refrigerator in India

Always read the specifications carefully. Go for Higher ratings and check other options before sticking to one particular brand or product.

Always read the specifications carefully. Go for Higher ratings and check other options before sticking to one particular brand or product

0.60-kilowatts to 1.44-kilowatts per day is what the average refrigerator consumes.

Conclusion -

These were our picks for the  9 Best Single Door Refrigerator in India  that you could buy when looking for refrigerators in India. We have compared almost every brand and their products before adding them to this list.  

We believe our list will help you in choosing the best refrigerator for you and your family and will be a crucial part of your lifestyle.

To make it easier for you to choose these 3 are our final picks which we believe to be are best, possibly for every individual-

  1. Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator
  2. Samsung 255 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
  3. LG 215 L Direct Cool Single Door 5 Star Refrigerator with Base Drawer

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