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Kitchen n appliances have compared every product and their specifications for the top 5 best split ac in India 2020, before listing them down here. The best AC  in our vision is the one that brings comfort at the best price, not just initially but also all its lifetime. You might be living in the urban metro cities or small cities, a requirement of a good air conditioner is always felt when the temperature starts rising. You will encounter many products by several ac brands in India where everyone is quoting their product to be the best.

But you being a smart consumer need to compare the product for your specific needs and requirements. These 5 best split ac in India have been listed by us to make it easier for you to choose among the top, and get the maximum benefit and comfort out of your investment. Further, we recommend that you go through our buying guide below the list which will clear any doubt about technical terms, and if you still face any difficulty you can comment down below and we would be glad to you help out.

Best Split AC in India 2020

Carrier is one of the largest air conditioning producers in the world which has a renowned name for building some best air conditioners in the world.

This is 1.5 ton inverter split ac in India that is suitable for a medium-sized room. The compressor is inverter type that makes less noise so that you can have a quiet and relaxed good night sleep.

This AC is also 5-Star rated for its energy efficiency with stated annual energy consumption of 871.07 units. This AC has a copper condenser coil which results in better cooling, durable and long-lasting.

These are the best air conditioners which also come with special filters such as Air purifier, Dust filter which will be beneficial for cities such as Delhi for and its other filter such as Dehumidifier which make it most suitable for coastal plains such as Mumbai, Chennai etc.


  • Energy efficienct
  • All-weather suitable
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Good cooling


  • People have complained about installation

Voltus, as we all know, is a renowned brand for building some best air conditioners in India. They are one of the most reliable companies when it comes to building ac for common families.

This particular model by Voltas is 1.5 ton inverter split ac in India  is suitable for a room of 150 sq ft. The ac inverter makes sure that the compressor maintains the temperature without turning itself on or off. And running at a constant speed. This reduces excess power consumption and also maintains a constant temperature.

Also on a good note, this AC uses R32 gas which causes less harm to the environment. Also, the AC has an antibacterial coating and dust filter so that you can have a fresh breath all the time.


  • A good dust filter
  • Cooling room uniformly
  • 4 Star energy efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Less tend for maintenance
  • Durable


  • Stabilizer could have been better
  • Complains about customer care service

This particular ac is one of the best air conditioners by Sanyo is a masterpiece when it comes to value for money for all of us and if you haven’t heard of the brand you don’t have to worry as this AC is built in India itself by Panasonic.

 It is a 1.5 ton inverter split ac in India which produces a chilling effect consistently, as per required in every mode. Also to mention it comes with a “Glacier mode” which is a quick cool mode that increases fan speed by 35% that results in dropping of temperature in the comparatively lesser time.

Some key features we would like you to note is this 5-star energy-efficient, comes with sleep mode which automatically adjusts the temperature at the night, and also has a timer function so that you don’t have to wake up in the night to switch it off.


  • Clean design
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • comes with a Dust filter
  • Impressive modes
  • Instant cooling
  • Long life
  • Rust free 
  • Autostart and self Diagnosis


  • You might need to buy extra cords and pipes
  • The remote display might be small for some users.

You can’t miss out on the name and the brand trust that LG has made for itself and this particular model is literally made for making your life good.

1.5 ton inverter split air conditioner with 5 stars energy efficiency won’t let AC affect that much on your electricity bill. The AC will definitely stand out on your expectations especially in big cities where we need instant cooling and longer life of appliances.

The air conditioner comes with dual air filters that make sure the air inside the room is purified and you breathe pollutant-free air.

The rotary motor and copper coil make this one the best air conditioners in India as it produces less noise, become more efficient with time and is less tendency for any breakdown and call for maintenance.


  • Air purifier
  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature control
  • Less noisy
  • Long life
  • Quick cooling 
  • Dehumidifier
  • Sleep mode
  • Horizontal swings to reach every corner


  • None as such just go for a good serviceman.

This Samsung air conditioner is a 1.5 ton inverter split ac in India which is a capable reaching each and every corner with its horizontal and vertical airflow.

The air conditioner comes many key features such as fast cooling which cools down room temperature quickly and a comfort mode where the ac itself adjust the temperature accordingly.

The digital inverter makes sure that ac run at a constant pace due to which it will consume less energy and cool down your room more effectively.

Other special features are self Diagnose which can check for any error in it and a sleep mode that which maintain an overall environment of the room.

This particular air conditioner has very good stability in voltage control which prevents any situation of overload.

The reason for its attractive features and after-sales service by Samsung we have listed it as the best air conditioners in India


  • Attractive 
  • Digital inverter
  • Quality 
  • Quick cooling 
  • Self Diagnoses 
  • Air filter 
  • Stabilizer
  • Use full modes


  • No fix price for installation ( it vary from Rs 1000-3000)

Buying Guide-

After going through to these top 5 best air conditioners in India we hope you have made your mind for choosing the best ac that fulfils your needs and help you in getting a comfortable lifestyle.

In case you still have any confusion about the terms related to the product description our buying guide will help you out. The buying guide is focused on helping you by comparing the terms as you would normally do, and we have tried using very simple language rather than technical terms so that each and everyone can understand it.

Selection of Ton-

First and foremost before purchasing the best air conditioners for your room or your premises, you must have an idea where the AC will be installed and in which room. The size of the room will definitely affect the efficiency and the tonnage of the ac is used to determine which ac will be the best for you. Just refer to this table and get a clear idea which ac ton is good for you-

Under 80 sq ft 0.8 tons ac

Under 120 sq ft1 ton ac

Around 200 sq ft1.5 tons of ac

For 300 sq ft – 2 tons of ac

Also, we have listed India’s Best 1 ton AC. We think it might be helpful to go through if you have room under 120 sf ft 

Split AC or Window AC -

Windows AC

  • single compartment 
  • less maintenance
  • less costly

Split AC

  • 2 unit compartment
  • good looking 
  • comparatively more costly

We also recommend you our window ac post so that you can also get information on top 5 best window AC with buying guide.

Energy Efficiency of AC-

The biggest concern while buying an ac is the impact it will bring on the electricity bill. For your reference, the best AC might also cost you 5 to 10 extra units for 10 hours of daily use.

But it’s completely on you how extensively you use it and how you use it.

For better energy efficiency always go for the higher rating in appliances, possibly 4 and 5.

Inverter AC or Non-Inverter AC -

Inverter AC

 They are implanted in the new generation of AC. Unlike non-inverter ac, they do not fluctuate in power consumption by starting itself at regular intervals.

Inverter ac consumes less power and also the chance of faults in these are comparatively less. The only possible drawback is that they are more expensive.

However, since the ac is a long term investment, we recommend to always go for inverter ac.

Non-Inverter AC

They fall under the competitive price bracket. They detect the temperature of the room and rum compressor at its complete potential until the room’s temperature cools down. After this, only the blowers will run until the temperature of the room again strikes up.

Once the temperature increases again, the compressor will restart and the process will repeat itself.

These ACs are noisier and tend to have power fluctuations.

Condensor Coil

It is a major component of the AC whose pros and cons will directly affect the life, feature and cost of the overall AC.

Copper coil

  • Cooling is better
  • The cost is high
  • They have high strength
  • less maintenance 

Aluminium coil

  • Comparatively providing less cooling
  • Cost is low
  • It is weaker than Copper coil
  • More maintenance is required. 


We hope the article has given you a good brief idea of what AC to go for which will make your life good. This is our pick for the best split ac in India which will make sure it lasts long and gives the desired good night’s sleep.

If this helps, please let us know and for any confusion you can comment down below and we will try to resolve it in 24 hours.

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