Best Vacuum Cleaner in India

best vacuum cleaner in india

Do you want to Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India ?

We have reviewed top 12 best vacuum cleaner in India that you can buy right now and make your life easy and comfortable. You no more need to bend for hours and sweep on the floor to get rid from the dust and these top  appliances are here to for you.

Not just floors, with the help of these vacuum cleaners you will be able to clean your sofas, beds, cars and even your bathrooms. Also, these all are the best value for money as you get excellent cleaning at the best price in the market. 

We also recommend you to read our buying guide, just below the list to make sure you choose the best vacuum cleaner according to your need and save accordingly. If you face any query, comment down below and we will help you choose the best vacuum cleaner, personally according to your needs

12 Best Vacuum cleaner in India

It is one the most preferred types of vacuum cleaner, as it can help you in cleaning both dry and wet dust. It offers you a 1600 watt power for suction and blower, which gives it an upper hand than other vacuum cleaners.

The body of this sweeper is of stainless steel, giving it a complete steadiness wherever you keep it. Along with the following features, it comes with accessories such as extension pipe, floor/carpet brushes, unique crevice nozzle, and upholstery nozzles, which will help you to clean every section of your home.

It comes with HEPA filtration, which is helpful to allergic people. Also, the caster arranged in a way that there is no need to lift the container as it is a bagged vacuum cleaner. Which means when the dust bag is loaded up, replace it with a new renewable dust bag.


  • Multipurpose vacuum cleaner
  • Have both suction pump as well as a blower
  • Powerful motor
  • Steady machine
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories


  • You will have to carry and collect the cord/wire on your own

This outstanding, 17-litre vacuum cleaner has all the adequate features to be in this list of best vacuum cleaner in India that you should buy right away.

The main attraction after its funky colour is it’s multi-purpose

 ability to clean both wet and dry dust. It has an impact resistance plastic container and suctions hose, along with the new clip clips floor nozzle with a mixed insert.

As it is a bagged vacuum cleaner, you will have to replace the old dust bag with a new reusable bag when it gets filled with the dust. Also, the blower in this vacuum cleaner comes handy in blowing up leaves from the garden and on the roofs. 

You must also note that it has a push and pull locking system for nozzles and brushes, that make it easy to operate and clean different areas of your home.


  • Attractive design
  • Multi-purpose wet and dry sweeper
  • availability of blower
  • Push-pull locking
  • easy to operate


  • The length of cable is short
  • The HEPA filter is missing
  • Wheels are not strong enough

Philips is one of the most trusted brands in India. Due to the high quality of products and their customer service, customers have always preferred this brand.

This PowerPro Bagless vacuum cleaner is another masterpiece by the company. It comes with exclusive Powercyclone 5 technology, that separates dust from the air, delivering better cleaning.

It has a powerful motor of 1900 watt that can create powerful suction and gives better cleaning to your home. Despite this much power, the sound output is just 82dB. Which means it won’t disturb your family while you use it.

All the dust gets into the transparent box on the machine. You can remove it and empty it into the bin. As it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to use a new dust bag after every use.

This vacuum cleaner comes with accessories such as Multiclean nozzles, to clean your floors and carpets, and Turbo Brush for removing large dust particles. These accessories are easy to attach and operate, that will come handy during the cleaning. Making it one of the best vacuum cleaner in India.

Also, the H13 filter delivers the equivalent filtration of HEPA-13, making sure no dust is left behind. All the following features, make this the best vacuum cleaner in India


  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet motor
  • Lightweight body and comes with wheels
  • Less heating problem
  • Auto cord winding


  • Comes with fewer accessories 

Welcome to the future of cleaning. Here is a Robotic vacuum cleaner for your home that we all are going to see soon in our houses.

This particular vacuum cleaner is capable of storing 520 ml of dust which can cover a large area of dirt too. It comes with the brushes that help it to collect all dust particles.

Also, the Max mode let you clean hard stains and dirt in your room and offices. It works on both floors and carpets effectively. 

Moreover, you can control this device with Alex, Google home, or through the App. This makes it convenient as you can directly control it. You can set the timer when you want it to work, and it will do that.

Due to the sensors, it won’t bang on the walls or furniture in your home. Also, whenever the battery drains out, it will navigate itself to the charging dock.


  • Automation
  • Quick
  • easy to use
  • Suitable for small house, offices and apartments


  • Only for the singular purpose of cleaning the floors and carpets
  • Can’t go up or down the stairs.

Eureka Forbes is one of the most known brands in the market of vacuum cleaners. This particular model is best for Indian households, as it has a total dust capacity of 3 litres.

It has a 1400 watt suction power which will let you clean your house in one go. Also, the dust gets directly into a dust bag inside it.

The total weight is around 5 kg, as it has wheels you can easily carry it around. You don’t even have to worry about the wire as it auto-wire winder that will collect it automatically.

You must note that this is a dry vacuum cleaner hence you can’t use it in cleaning your bathrooms or so. But on the better side, it comes with a total of 13 attachments for cleaning different surfaces in your house.

It also projects 30-35 litres/sec blower efficiency, which means you can also use it to clean leaves from your garden.


  • Powerful machine
  • Efficient blower
  • Multiple accessories
  • Auto-wire winder
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Less service center
  • Not for wet dirt

As we discussed, Eureka is one of the biggest brands in producing the best vacuum cleaners all across the world. It is another machine that can stand out in your life.

You might have already noticed the difference in the design. It has a powerful motor of 1150, which also lets this sweeper work as a blower to clean. 

As it is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can clean both types of dirt with it. Also, it lets you cover a radius of 8 meters for your operation, with auto wire-winder so that you can easily carry it around.

You don’t even have to worry about cleaning sofas, carpet, floors and curtains as it comes with various attachments, such as Multi-purpose Brush, Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Brush, Carpet / Floor Brush. You can put all these accessories inside the storage tank itself.

Also, it is a bagged vacuum cleaner. This design and powerful motor makes this among the best vacuum cleaner in India 


  • High performance 
  • Powerful motor for suction and blower
  • Easy to operate
  • Auto winder


  • Heating issues

If you were looking for esthetic, modern design in a vacuum cleaner, Eureka Forbes got you covered with this astonishing vacuum cleaner.

Along with the attractive design and lightweight body, it has a powerful motor of 1000 watt.

It comes with various attachments which will make sure you can clean all your surfaces easily. The most attractive feature of this vacuum cleaner is its foot-operated power. It lets you control the on/off of the vacuum cleaner with your foot when cleaning the floors.

Moreover, this model has a dust bag full indicator, which will remind you to replace the bag. It will save your effort of opening and checking the dust bag manually at regular intervals.

Similar to the previous model by this brand, this one also comes with various accessories for different types of surfaces. Also the design and power makes this the best vacuum cleaner in India.


  • Easy to operate
  • Includes a dust bag full indicator
  • Modern design 
  • Compact
  • Auto wire winder
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Heating issues

It is a brand that has brought a new revolution in the world of the vacuum cleaner. They have changed our approach, operations and working with the vacuum cleaner in our daily life.

This model is a stick vacuum cleaner that lets you clean your house without a continuous bend unless you want it to reach deep below the sofa and furniture. Even the controls are in your hand.

It works on batteries so you will have to charge it before using it. In one charge it can work up to 30 min. And seeing its suction power, you don’t have to worry about running out of the battery.

This vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning the smallest dust particles such as bacteria and pollen as well. Moreover, it is approved asthma & allergy friendly, which means if you are suffering from these diseases, you can use it to clean up your house.

It comes with various accessories such as Combination Tool, Crevice Tool, Mini Motorised Tool and Mini Soft Dusting Brush. Hence, this is among the best vacuum cleaner in India.


  • Excellent design
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexibility in operations
  • Uses sensors for better operations
  • easy to store
  • High mobility


  • Expensive, but worth every penny

AmazonBasic is a wide range of the best appliances that you can buy directly from amazon. Hence they are attractive and suitable for most of our houses.

This particular vacuum cleaner has a 700-watt motor for high-end performance. It is a bagged vacuum cleaner, which means you will have to replace the bag included inside it with one of the bags that come along the machine.

It comes with a HEPA 12 filter, which means no dust particles will be left behind. You can also vary the suction according to your needs.

Moreover, you can shift mode for cleaning carpet to floor directly with a press of a button with your foot. This seamless transition also comes handy while cleaning sofas. As said before this is among the best vacuum cleaner in India and will make sure to keep your home clean and healthy.


  • Attractive design 
  • HEPA filter
  • Silent operations
  • dust bag full indicator
  • Auto wire winder


  • Difficulty in the availability of dust bags in the market, hence you will have to order them in spare directly from amazon.

It is another multipurpose vacuum cleaner for your home and office. Along with a powerful motor of 1000 watt, it is capable of cleaning every kind of dust around you.

As it is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner,  you can use it to clean dry and wet waste. Due to its flexible pipe and 4-wheel base, it gives you complete mobility and reaches. Also, the blower works wonderfully, removing all kinds of trash, both indoor and outdoor.

Despite a powerful motor, it is a lightweight and easy to carry machine. Moreover, it comes with Safe buoy technology which detects the liquid level in the vacuum cleaner and cuts the power when it reaches a level of danger.

Also to note that it is a bagged vacuum cleaner.


  • Blower
  • Includes various accessories
  • Flexibility in operation
  • Mobility
  • Competitive price for wet & dry


  • No auto-wire winder
  • not a modern design

The robotic vacuum cleaner is the first step toward bringing innovation into our homes and this particular product is among the best vacuum cleaner in India. This particular model comes with 3-modes for cleaning.

Also, due to high-end technology, it navigates and finds its way in your house.

You can easily control this vacuum cleaner with the help of an app, which you can install through play store or app store. Moreover, if you have smart speakers, such as Alexa or Google Home, you can connect it with them and use voice commands to operate them.

Some other key features are dirt detection sensors for better cleaning, scheduling and setting cleaning preferences from anywhere through the app, multiroom navigation and Aeroforce cleaning system for cleaning all floor types.

Said that, if you have a bigger house/apartment/office, you must go for the upper version that is, Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot which has a bigger battery and dirt storage.


  • Easy to control 
  • Modern design
  • Worldwide connectivity through wifi and internet
  • Precision cleaning
  • High-end technology


  • Expensive
  • Can’t use turbo mode while cleaning carpets

It is a compact, handheld vacuum cleaner which has a power of 900 watts. Despite its size, performance is pretty well, as it comes with various attachments.

You will see that due to its handy design you can carry it everywhere. Also, it makes it easy to store. This vacuum cleaner is a perfect example of DIY, that lets you complete the cleaning according to your need.

In addition to this, it is also an excellent blower. Due to its size and way of operation, you can use it to clean floors, carpet, sofas and the interior of the car.

Moreover, to reach various corners and places, it comes with Turbo brush, multipurpose brush, extension tubes, flexible hose, crevice and upholstery brush, and a shoulder strap so that you can reach comfortably.


  • Flexible to use
  • lightweight
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to store
  • less maintenance


  • Getting the spare parts is hard in the Indian market

Buying Guide-

Purchasing the best vacuum cleaner in india is a puzzling task. Getting intimidated by various sizes, shape and design is as usually the case for many of us.

You might buy a vacuum cleaner based upon the size, but it might don’t satisfy your requirements. Or even worse, you might end up purchasing a power pack vacuum cleaner, and later come to know that you have overpaid on a product concerning your needs.

Nowadays, most of the vacuum cleaner comes with different nozzles and pipes. But this doesn’t mean every product is the same.

To resolve such issues, we have come up with the perfect buying guide that you will need before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Types of Vacuum cleaner

There are mainly five types of vacuum cleaners in India. We have listed them from the most commonly used to the least likely to be used by an average family.

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It is the most common vacuum cleaner that you will see in an Indian household. It has a cylindrical main body where you will see the motor. That is the reason it is the weighty part of a vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to worry as they have wheels, so you don’t have to carry them around.

A pipe is attached to the body, further to which you can attach the different nozzles for various cleaning purposes. Due to the variety of nozzles available for this type of vacuum cleaners, they are also nearly “all-purpose” vacuum cleaners.

There is a bag where your dust is collected. Periodically you will have to empty the bag. It will make sure to maintain the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

  • Variety of nozzles available for various works.
  • It operates silently
  • Medium-sized
  • Easy to operate
  • Moving it is easy
  • You can get tangled up in the wire
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Difficulty in storing all pieces of equipment at a place

2. Handheld Vacuum cleaner

These are a small handheld vacuum cleaner, which means you can carry them around in your hands. They are specially for cleaning compact spaces such as sofas, the interior of the car, etc.

Another advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its ability to work on batteries. It saves the trouble of finding plugs and also makes sure you don’t get tangled up in the wire.

You must also know that these are not capable of cleaning your whole house. They have small batteries which can perform minimal work only. Also, they might be small in size, but it gets hard to carry them around for a lengthier period.

You might have to empty the dust bag after every use.

  • comparatively lightweight
  • comparatively inexpensive
  • best for compact places
  • the battery might run down, if not charged at the time
  • you will have to empty dust bag frequently

3. Upright Vacuum cleaner

It is one of the most excellent vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning floors and large halls. Due to its handling position, you will easily clean your floors.

The drawback that you should consider is that due to its structuring you won’t be able to clean dust from under the sofa or the table and on the stairs. Mobility is also an issue, as it is a piece of heavy machinery.

Considering its pros, it will give you the best cleaning, as the nozzle in it is closest to the floor and delivers the best result. It was widely popular in the USA, and now it’s slowly penetrating in the Indian market.

  • Easy to store
  • Best for cleaning floors and carpets.
  • It has a large dust bag.
  • Easy to operate and run.
  • Not for under dust under the table or sofa.
  • Heavy, hence you can’t use it to clean stairs.

4. Stick vacuum cleaners

Similar to the upright vacuum cleaner, this is also a long handle and uplifted position. Moreover, this is a lightweight machine which allows you to clean on the stairs and move it freely everywhere you want to.

Another advantage of purchasing this vacuum cleaner is that it works on batteries. So you won’t get tangled with the wires. It can reach to the places where the upright vacuum cleaner can’t reach. Such as under the table and the sofa.

Due to the following advantages, you can also use this to clean your car. The disadvantages of this type of vacuum cleaner are there are no attachments available. Also, it has a small dust bag.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry 
  • Easy to store
  • Works on batteries
  • Not ideal for carpets or floors
  • small dust bag

5. Robotic vacuum cleaner

The fanciest type of vacuum cleaner that you can purchase in today’s world is the Robotic vacuum cleaner. As the name might suggest to you, they are capable of cleaning your house without your interaction.

Just set the time that you want them to operate, and they will do so. Some of these will also return to their respective charging station when the battery is low.

They are super high tech and advanced. The only task that you will be doing is to clear the dust in the bag. You must also know that despite their advancement these are incapable of climbing stairs. Also, they are comparatively expensive.

  • Handy to use 
  • Small in size
  • Can clean below the table and furniture
  • Can be operated at any time
  • Incapable of cleaning the staircase
  • Require weekly maintenance
  • Incapable of cleaning sofas, beds and interior of cars.

So now, after reading about the different types of vacuum cleaners in India, its time for you to understand the terms that you will face while purchasing the appliance.To make it easy for you to choose the best vacuum cleaner in India, we have listed 8 points that you should focus on before finalizing your choice.

1. What's better: a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?

The bagged vacuum cleaner is for you if you suffer from any allergy, as it comes with HEPA filtration. In a bagged type of vacuum cleaner, you will have to replace the bag whenever it gets full. As time passes by, it will be harder for you to find the right bag for your machine. Also, the performance gets affected when the pack starts filling.

On the other hand, the bagless vacuum cleaner is the innovation to our problems. Firstly they are less expensive than the bagged vacuum cleaner, as you won’t have to buy bags at every interval. Secondly, you will know when to evacuate the dirt. And lastly, they are eco-friendly as the bagged vacuum cleaner uses hundreds of bags in their lifetime.

2. What is the dry and wet vacuum cleaner?

The dry vacuum cleaner is the one which can only pick dust. Whereas, the wet vacuum cleaner can also clean the wet dust, such as a spill of water, drink or juice. It also comes handy in mopping the floors of the bathroom.

3. Is HEPA filter vacuum cleaner worth it?

Yes. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air is the mesh-like structure consisting of glass fibre. It eliminates most of the dust, dirt, pollen or other impurities.

4. Noise levels of vacuum cleaner

You must also know how much noise the vacuum cleaner will be producing. It has nothing to do with the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, but it will make sure it doesn’t disturb anyone.

5. Portability of vacuum cleaner

You should make sure your vacuum cleaner is portable enough. The best way to do so is to decide the parameters that you will be taking your vacuum cleaner too. If it is just a single huge hall, you decide accordingly, or if it is your home where you have to move it over the first floor, basement and on stairs.

6. Which is the better vacuum cleaner, Wired or cordless?

It depends on the purpose of using the vacuum cleaner. If you have a small space and you don’t want to get tangled in the wires, cordless vacuum cleaners are the best.

Whereas if you have an efficient room and plugs, go for a wired vacuum cleaner as you won’t have to worry about the battery or the charging of your vacuum cleaner.

7. Spare parts of vacuum cleaner

Always go for the vacuum cleaner that you can easily find a spare part in. It is to make sure the appliance is easy to repair during the time of a breakdown.

8. Accessories of vacuum cleaner

Check for the accessories that you will get along with your vacuum cleaner. Different nozzles and pipes will reduce your effort in cleaning your place.

As you can see the list of the 12 best vacuum cleaner in India is complete. And so does this article. We are sure one of these vacuum cleaner will surely become your helping hand and make your life easier and comfortable. If you have any query, comment down below.

Also let us know which is the one you ordered. If you are facing any confusion comment down What are you looking in your vacuum cleaner  and we will help you purchase the best fit for you.

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