Best window ac in India

This list of the top 5 best window ac in India will help you choose the best in the class budget-friendly air conditioner.

Window AC’s are the best choice if you are looking for air conditioner in the budget sector. Not only are they comparatively less expensive than the split ac but they are also energy efficient and save energy resulting directly on your electricity bill. You don’t have to worry about the installation as it directly fits in your window with any less mess.

A window ac will surely bring you comfort and a good night sleep in hot summer days without worrying about a huge electricity bill. The list of the top 5 best window AC 1.5 ton, is ready for you to choose from. We also recommend you to go through our buying guide for understanding and comparing your needs in AC.

Still, if you feel confused about choosing the right AC you can comment down below and would be glad to help you.

Best Window AC in India

Voltas is a brand that has gained trust from many customers all over the India. This particular 1.5 ton Window air conditioner in India is a 5-star energy efficient which consumes less energy and deliver more efficiency.

The AC comes with a Dehumidifier which maintains the moisture in the room during monsoon and a Dust Filter that eliminates fine dust particles while cooling the room temperature. This lets you breathe clean air while you are in comfortable sleep.

With these assets, this window AC has some interesting modes that will help you out on a daily basis such as, Sleep Mode which maintains the temperature accordingly so you don’t have to wake for adjusting the temperature, A Turbo mode for the time when you wish to drop down the temperature quickly and an ECO mode that let you use AC at less energy consumption for optimizing your electricity bill.

It has a copper condenser coil which increases its life and its cooling which also has a self-diagnosis which informs you if ac is facing any fault before its too latea


  • Effective Cooling
  • Less maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Energy efficient
  • Good for offices
  • Dehumidifier and Dust Filter


  • No built-in stabilizer
  • No inverter
  • A bit noisy for the bedroom

 This Window AC 1.5 ton by the Godrej is a been introduced recently and is packed with pretty much every key feature of the air conditioners.

Its has a twine inverter compressor which delivers quick cooling and silent operation at less energy consumption. To back this it is 5 stars energy rated by BEE which tells us that it is one of the most energy-efficient AC out there in the market. Its precise cooling technology matches your expectations when it comes to cooling down the room.

With this, the air conditioner also has the copper coil giving it a long life. The AC has an anti-bacterial Coating and dust filter which makes it a perfect choice for cities like Delhi etc where pollution is causing health concerns.


  • Energy efficient
  • Less noisy
  • Anti-bacterial coating and dust
  • Inverter compressor
  • Copper coil
  • Fast cooling
  • All crucial modes present


  • No stabilizer
  • Proper care required during installation

If you are living in the areas where the rise in temperature is very high during the summer and you are all set to beat it with a budget-friendly and trustworthy window air conditioner, whirlpool got you covered.

The whirlpool has introduced this powerful air conditioner in India which claims to cool down the temperature of the room even when the outside temperature is 60 deg celsius.

Other features that this might attract you toward this new age AC are its 6 sense technology by the whirlpool that adjust the temperature according to the outside temperature that works effectively in saving energy.

It also has features like Turbo mode that cools the room quickly and Sleep mode which maintains the temperature while you are sleeping


  • Power Cooling
  • Low Maintenance
  • Environment-friendly
  • Quick cool
  • Dehumidifier


  • No inverter compressor
  • Built quality complaints

Hitachi has made sure that their AC is built with maintaining all quality standards for a good AC that a common person might be looking for.

This 5-star energy efficient window air conditioner in India that will make sure you don’t have to worry so much about the electricity bill. The features that we think will definitely stand out are its auto-restart when the power suddenly goes off and its timer in which you can set when you want to on or off the AC automatically.

Even the fan speed adjusts automatically on the temperature. It also has an auto-filter clean indicator which indicates you when you need to clean the filter so that you can breathe fresh air all the time.


  • Good for medium room
  • Auto-restart 
  • Filter clean indicator
  • Timer 
  • Energy efficient
  • Built quality


  • No inverter & stabilizer
  • Complaints about noise

The Lloyd has tried their effort best to bring comfort to your life in a budget sector by providing you with a window air conditioner in India that has good efficiency.

The air conditioner has a copper coil that helps in cooling down the temperature quickly and also it gives long life to the condenser. This makes sure the ac has a long life with very less maintenance.

They have used BLDC motors that operate at very less energy, effectively. The dehumidifier makes it a good choice for coastal plains and monsoon season where its humidity in the air.

It can also clean itself and give you dust and bacteria-free air to breathe.


  • Silent
  • Energy efficient
  • Dehumidifier
  • Good cooling
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance cost


  • No inverter

Buying Guide-

These are our picks for top 5 best window AC 1.5 ton in India. we hope it helped you for choosing the best ac that fulfils your needs and all the basic requirements by a good ac.

In case you still have any confusion about the terms related to the product description our buying guide will help you out. The buying guide is focused on helping you by comparing the terms as you would normally do, and we have tried using very simple language rather than technical terms so that each and everyone can understand it.

Selection of Ton-

First and foremost before purchasing the best air conditioners for your room or your premises, you must have an idea where the AC will be installed and in which room. The size of the room will definitely affect the efficiency and the tonnage of the ac is used to determine which ac will be the best for you. Just refer to this table and get a clear idea which ac ton is good for you-

Under 80 sq ft 0.8 tons ac

Under 120 sq ft1 ton ac

Around 200 sq ft1.5 tons of ac

For 300 sq ft – 2 tons of ac

Split AC or Window AC -

Windows AC

  • single compartment 
  • less maintenance
  • less costly

Split AC

  • 2 unit compartment
  • good looking 
  • comparatively more costly

We also recommend you our split ac post so that you can also get information on top 5 best split AC with buying guide.

Reciprocating or Rotatory motor -

Reciprocating Motor

  • Easy maintenance
  • Can work under high pressure
  • Noisy

Rotatory Motor

  • Good for large office and room
  • Expensive
  • Less noisy

Energy Efficiency of AC-

The biggest concern while buying an ac is the impact it will bring on the electricity bill. For your reference, the best AC might also cost you 5 to 10 extra units for 10 hours of daily use.

But it’s completely on you how extensively you use it and how you use it.

For better energy efficiency always go for the higher rating in appliances, possibly 4 and 5.

Condensor Coil

It is a major component of the AC whose pros and cons will directly affect the life, feature and cost of the overall AC.

Copper coil

  • Cooling is better
  • The cost is high
  • They have high strength
  • less maintenance 

Aluminium coil

  • Comparatively providing less cooling
  • Cost is low
  • It is weaker than Copper coil
  • More maintenance is required. 


We hope the article has given you a good brief idea of what AC to go for which will make your life good. This is our pick for the best window ac 1.5 ton in India which will make sure it lasts long and gives the desired good night’s sleep.

If this helps, please let us know and for any confusion you can comment down below and we will try to resolve it in 24 hours.

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