The biophilic style bathroom is the absolute trend of the year 2022! Here’s why adopt it

biophilic style bathroom

Now that we are spending more time at home, the bathroom has naturally become our ultimate refuge. You can just close the door and pretend you’re on vacation or enjoying a spa experience, without having to leave your own home.

Yes, getting away from it all and getting away from it all has never been more important. And the more we have to stay inside, the more we need to see nature around us, and even to touch and smell it. 

This phenomenon has a name: biophilia. Coming from the Greek root “bio”, meaning life, and the suffix –phile (who loves), the term designates the fundamental need of humans to be in contact with nature, love for the living. contemporary bathroom.

What are the principles of the biophilic style in the bathroom?

principles of the biophilic style in the bathroom

The decoration, the lighting, the colour scheme, the mirrors, the sound, the accessories and the design itself are all key elements in designing a good biophilic style bathroom. 

And the concept goes way beyond introducing a little greenery here and there. Bringing the outdoors into the interior is an interior design technique that has been familiar to us for quite some time. Hire a professional interior designer to design your bathroom a calming place with a visual connection with nature.

But it’s not just about adding the plants, although they’re a great place to start! Rather, it is about strengthening the direct and indirect link with the natural environment so as to create restorative spaces, designed for the senses. To do this, you can combine colours, natural materials, lighting,

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How to properly introduce a natural touch in the biophilic bathroom?

It is relatively inexpensive to add elements of nature to your powder room decor and these can be replaced easily, depending on the season and mood. 

For example, choose durable wood, stone or ceramic accessories that are the absolute opposition to anything synthetic and temporal. Also think of stylish and functional art objects, such as storage and practical accessories zero mess. Add candles, plants and a fluffy bath mat around your tub or shower area, to give yourself a feeling of well-being every time you take a shower.

Indulge all your senses

Indulge all your senses

The colour of your walls has a primary role in biophilic design. Greens, blues and earthy tones are the obvious choices, as they are the ones that most evoke nature. But if you prefer a neutral palette, experiment with patterns and textures instead. You can even hang on the walls works of art of flora and fauna or depict scenes from nature. Also, consider bath towels adorned with botanical designs.

Other nature-evoking options to consider would be vinyl flooring with a texture imitating stones or shells and wood-effect tiles. Don’t neglect the wallpaper, either! There are hundreds of variations specifically designed for wet areas. Prefer floral, animal, aquatic, etc. Let your imagination run wild and personalize your walls to create the “habitat” you prefer.

Awaken your senses with perfumes!

Scent diffusers and scented candles are the perfect addition to the biophilic style bathroom as they will help you get away easily and relax. Feel free to use different scents that you can vary depending on the time of year or your mood.

What materials and textures to prefer?

What materials and textures to prefer?

Natural and sustainable materials are preferred in the biophilic style bathroom. Think about these: wood, cork, bamboo, terracotta, rattan, linen and cotton, which are the perfect choice for your accessories.

Some of them are perfectly suited for use in damp rooms, as they offer more or less resistance to water and humidity. Of course, incorporating natural materials will automatically add texture to your decor.

But by focusing on particular elements such as a fluted glass shower screen, ribbed wood storage or planters, or even 3D effect wall tiles, you will succeed in adding a tactile texture that will offer a more haptic experience and which will make the space much more sensory.

Invite vegetation in the biophilic bathroom!

No bathroom, whether biophilic or not, is complete without a touch of greenery. Make sure you select the right bathroom plants that will thrive in humid conditions.

Orchids, for example, are a perfect choice because, apart from loving humidity, they will spoil you with magnificent continuous bloom. Bamboo is still worth considering. This easy to grow plant will add lots of freshness to the room. If possible, consider the idea of ​​installing a living green wall. For lack of space, you can simply hang a few hanging cork or seagrass planters from the ceiling.


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