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Whenever you buy any electronic appliances in India, you can find BEE star rating sticker on it. Have you ever thought about why they are present, and how can you use them as your advantage?

Well BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which is a government’s agency that brought the concept of star rating in India. The star rating is an energy rating that varies from 1 to 5 stars.

The rating shows how much energy will be consumed by a product that is how efficient the appliance will work. Higher the star ratings lesser the energy consumption will be, hence better the appliance.

The whole purpose of the scale is to helps a consumer to buy a product that is economical and environment-friendly. It became mandatory since January 2010 to apply an energy rating on a few specific appliances. Majorly these appliances are air conditioners, electric geysers, refrigerators, washing machines, colour television, and some other essential products.

An Economic appliance means, it has less electricity consumption. This results in savings of both money in initial phases and energy in long terms.

Along with this, the products are also Environment-Friendly. It is important to keep indoor air, pollution-free and higher efficient the product is the way to make sure you stay safe.

Electronic products with fewer efficiency release harmful greenhouse emissions which is not good for your health, which further leads to a harsh effect in long terms.

The whole purpose of BEE is to label the product so that consumers can make sense about the amount of electricity an appliance will utilize. It becomes easy to compare various products from labelling mark at a point of buying.

As we discussed the Bureau of Energy Efficiency that is BEE tells us about the efficiency of the product, this is to tell the consumers about the appliance more elaborately. For this, you should also know that the design of the label shows you more than just the stars.

Moreover, there are 2 types of BEE star labels which are sorted based on different appliances.

Firstly Small Labels, that can be seen on the appliances which generally don’t consume more energy. More specifically, appliances such as Ceiling fans, tube lights, computers, laptops and televisions won’t consume high energy.

Whereas appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, geysers and washing machines tend to use a higher amount of energy during their functionality, hence Big labels are used.

Big Labels also show additional information such as the yearly consumption of the product, its category, brand name and more.

In conclusion, we suggest to always go for high-rated appliances, which you going to use more in day to day life. For eg, you might be using your air conditioner for the whole day or night, which usually consumes high energy. Here, you should make sure you use Higher Star rating AC, which consumes less power and works effectively.

Also to note, star ratings are only determined based on energy consumption of the appliance, and not the overall functioning or feature of the product. Hence you should judge, compare and learn every pro and con of a product before purchasing it.

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