Best Fiction Books

The world of these best fiction books might not be real, but it always gives you a story to stick to and emotions to follow up your dreams and perspective.

Written by one of the most creative minds, these best fiction books secure the sense of love, horror and mystery in their stories. Only a couple of pages and all your feelings will be surrounding the narration of the story.

Many of you might have heard before, “reading is like meditation.”. In addition to this, these ‘best fiction books are the portal to the dimension of stories.’

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Top 5 Best Fiction Books

A sweet and simple love story of Natasha and Daniel turned out to leave deep marks in the reader’s mind. These are two, completely different personalities who are utterly charmed towards each other.

Daniel an emigrant from South Korean, and is a believer of fate, dream and love. On the other hand, Natasha is from Jamaica and is a girl with plans. She has decided her college, her course and her job from the beginning.

They both got 12 hours in their hands as she has to move back to Jamaica. Their conversations will overwhelm you by the roots. Not just these two, other appearing characters of the story will draw a real-world inside your eyes.

If you know how it feels to get struck by the first sight love, you will resonate with every action and every word by the author. This is one of the best romantic books in the fiction genre that you will read.

Not just a novel it is a poetic tale of an astonishing story. The author Anthony Doerr has distinctly written two parallel narratives in an elegant style.

The story is about Marie Laure and Werner Pfennig. There perspective of the harsh world. The story is about the time during late World war II. Marie Laure is a teen girl who is blind and moves to a city of Saint-Malo due to the attack on Paris.

On the other hands, Werner Pfennig is an unexpectedly brilliant orphan. He somehow manages to enter the young army of Hitler, from where he is planning to escape with his young sister.

A story that came real in our hearts with distinct writing of that time, where survival was a task. Read this book and shift yourself into another world of literature.

It is a Mysterious and crime genre novel by Paula Hawkins and is one of the best-selling fiction stories. The author wrote the plot incredibly fascinating, maintaining thrill and suspense until the very end.

This novel is a tale on the of lives three different women’s named Rachel, Anna and Meghan. All three were facing relationship problems. Meghan gets missing, and Rachel gets herself into a drinking habit. 

The story is a psychological thriller, and it will never let you keep down the book. It starts slowly but gradually you will see it has various twists and turns which will keep you fascinating for the more.

If you are into the fictional genre, this is a must-read recommendation by the fans all across the world. 

The Exorcist is a horror genre novel, written by William Peter Blatty. He won an Academy Award for the movie adaptation, for which he wrote the screenplay.

He went on to write more horror novels, although none achieved the same success as The Exorcist. This novel is about how a mother saves her girl from exorcism by taking help from 2 priests.

The main characters in the novel are Regan MacNeil, an 11-year old girl who faces Exorcism, Chris MacNeil, mother of Regan, Pazuzu the king of the demons of the wind, and 2 Priests.

 You will enjoy the best time of the “book reading” with this book as it has a story to move you from your core and engage all your sense to shiver.

Angie Thomas wrote an incredible book which brings light upon racism and brutality of the police when people raises their voice against discrimination.

A sixteen-year black girl named Starr Carter who lives in a poor neighbourhood and goes to a private school where white people study in school as well as reside in the nearby area. Starr knows the lives of both worlds: poor black and affluent white.

White policeman killed Starr’s childhood friend Khalil while on the way to home. Starr has witnessed it and raised her voice against it. Khalil was on the national headline with different suspicious tags like a thug, drug dealer and so on. 

The story shines the light on the emotions of every person has who has ever faced discrimination. Angie Thomas has written the book beautifully, and we are sure you will like it.

The books mentioned above are the top 5 best fiction books that we recommend everyone to read. These fictions books tend to make fall in love with the story and the character.

If you are just beginning the journey of reading and exploring the world, you must start with this fiction books. You can also listen to these books at Audible. Sign up for free and get your first book for free.

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