9 Best Front Load Washing Machine

We have come up with a list of the top 9 best Front Load Washing machine in India.

All front load washing machines are fully automatic machines, which means once you put in your clothes and choose a suitable setting, you are free from your laundry work. From washing to drying out your clothes, a fully automatic washing machine saves a lot of your time. 

Front-load washing is usually more expensive than the top load washing machine because of the functions it has and the efficiency it brings to our work.

These 9 Best Front Load Washing Machines are the ones with top-class performance and best features that you can get in any other similar front load washing machine.

To help you choose the best washing machine, we have also written a buying guide, you can find below the list. If you still face any confusion, you can comment below, and we will be glad to help you out in choosing the best Front Load Washing machine.

Best Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung is the world’s one of the top brand specialised in producing electronic goods and this 6 kg washing machine manufactured with all smart feature for the perfect washing of your clothes.

Diamond drum with eco bubble technology makes this machine more appropriate for your purchase. The drum is known as diamond because it has diamond-shaped ridges all over it and they have holes on its tips. Holes help to pass water on clothes which wash them very well.

To clean your soiled clothes, Samsung has installed eco bubble technology feature. It forms bubble from water and detergent. The bubbles can pass through heavy fabrics like jeans. This helps in removing stains more effortlessly in just a single wash and, you don’t have to worry about the remains of hard stains on your clothes.


  • Silent
  • In-built Heater
  • Child Lock
  • Panel LED
  • Bubble Wash


  • Drying could have been better
  • Very heavy machine

LG is one of the most renowned washing machines brands in India. They have built this machine with smartthinQ NFC and steam wash innovation to make things more easy for you. 

 SmartthinQ NFC  is a feature which gives you the freedom to choose your mode of washing. You can download this on your phone and make your mode for distinct clothing. 

Secondly, its Steam wash is perfect for your delicate fabrics because it gives your cloth softness and shine. 


  • Rust free body
  • Temperature control
  • Touch panel
  • Tube clean
  • Bacteria killer
  • Child lock


  • The touchscreen is a bit laggy
  • Noisy

Godrej is always known for its products from years. It has introduced a 6 kg washing machine keeping all aspects of your choice and needs. It also has 15 wash programs, eco-balance, crease-free and features like this make it more worthy.

Eco balance saves wastage of unnecessary usage of water and, electricity which makes it an energy-efficient product.

Foam protection and anti-crease provide great results to your wash because it stops the excess formation of foam and wrinkle-free laundry.


  • Energy efficient
  • Overflow protection
  • Child lock
  • Foam protection
  • Eco-balance
  • Rapid wash


  • No In-built heater
  • Normal wash takes to long

Indian Fine Blanks (IFB) an Indian based company has always produced efficient products. IFB manufactured this 6.5 kg capacity machine with all qualifying excellence to give you an amazing product.

You can run this machine through your voice control, remote control and connect with wifi by downloading My IFB App. It has 16  wash programs and, you can choose according to your needs. It has Crescent Moon Drum which will enable you to put your clothes between running the wash cycle.

Ball valve technology in this machine hinders the excess detergent and resulting in a superior wash of your fabrics.


  • Voice control
  • Mobile control
  • Bubble wash
  • 3D wash system


  • Service complains are found

An LG washing machine will surely not disappoint you with its high-quality products and customer support in case of a break-down.

This front load 6.5 kg washing machine is a fully automatic washing machine with very important features in it. Firstly, its inbuilt heater raises the water temperature to 60 degrees, which removes any stains from the coth. This reduces any wear and tear of the clothes and giving deeper cleaning of the fabric.

Secondly, Its SmartThinQ NFC let you connect the machine with your phone and select separate modes and functions for your clothes.

Also, the washing machine includes other feature such as auto-restart and child which makes it a good purchase for an Indian family.


  • Inverter drive
  • Heater
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Child lock
  • Stainless steel drum


  • Complains about installation 

Bosch has manufactured best motors, energy-efficient products and supplied premium quality products. This machine with such advanced features will definitely make you feel stunning.

Vario drum, active water, speed perfect features could make your wash cycle as uh expect it. Vario drum moves in one direction and cleans both delicate and non-delicate clothes gently. Active water alters water usage according to the type and size of laundry. Speed perfect finishes laundry early,

With 7kg capacity of the machine gives you enough space in the drum for your family of 3-4 members.


  • Big Drum
  • Child lock
  • Low water pressure 
  • restart 
  • Less vibration
  • Speed perfect


  • Spare parts are expensive

Bosch is a German company producing washing machines from years with a high-quality product.  Manufactured this machine with 8 kg capacity and installed all convenient features for your use.

It has excellent features like an express wash,  eco silence drive motor, pre-wash, reload function and many more to decrease your washing workload.

Express wash washes your clothes in less than 60 minutes to save your precious time. 

Eco silence drive motor to give you quietest wash cycle. It is a brushless motor which is more powerful, durable and energy-efficient. 

The pre-wash feature helps you to soak your clothes before putting it into the wash cycle program.

With the Reload Function, you can reload your laundry or remove clothes from already spinning wash cycle.


  • Express wash
  • Less vibration
  • Less noisy
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto-restart


  • Complains about after sale service

IFB also comes in the powerful washing machines producing company all over the world. IFB has brought this machine with all the features you need for your thorough cleansing of clothes. 

This machine includes features such as Air Bubble Wash, Laundry Add, 3D Wash System, Ball Valve Technology and, so on. IFB has always maintained its quality and efficiency of its products.

Air Bubble Wash will clean your cloth with the formation of bubbles which will enter into the fabric and deeply remove stains resulting in soft and wrinkle-free clothes. 

Laundry add will help you add clothes which you forget to put in the wash cycle.


  • Air bubble wash
  • Auto balance system
  • Time delay
  • Water softener
  • Inbuilt heater 
  • High RPM


  • Complains about after-sale service

Another LG masterpiece is this front load washing machine. It has a total capacity of 8 kg which will be suitable for a family of 5 or more, depending on the clothes.

The machine also has an in-built heater which raises the temperature of the water, which let the detergent mix easily and remove stains more easily. Along with the removal of stains, warm water also remove any bacteria present in the clothes.

Moreover, the stainless steel drum is directly connected to the inverter which reduces the noise and increases the efficiency of the motor.

Other than this the machine comes with all the key features such as auto restart, self-diagnosis and child lock.


  • Big drum
  • Energy efficient
  • Inverter
  • Auto-restart
  • Touch panel


  • Heater issues are found

Buying Guide-

The washing machine is an essential part of home appliances and in the present scenario, there are different types of the washing machine to choose from.  Every new technology development brings new features in products too.

It is not an easy task to select a washing machine from such varied brands and advanced featured machines. To make things simple for you we researched and indexed a few of the best washing machines that you can identify according to your top-notch.

Washing Machine

Top Loading Washing Machine

In this machine, you need to put clothes from the top side and connect them to the water intake supply. Machine take water according to its need. There is one tub for washing and drying. 

It is less expensive and budget-friendly comparing to front load. In terms of usage, they are more simple to understand and use for you. Top-loading machines are verticles so you can put your clothes on without bending yourself.

We suggest you should also check our list for 9 best top load washing machine.

Front Loading Washing Machine

Frontloading that is clear from the type that clothes need to put from the front side. They are expensive but advanced features of the machine make it justified to purchase. 

Front Load machines contain distinct programs so that to make your work more flexible and comfortable. They consume less water and energy when compare to the top load machine. 

Automatic or Semi-Automatic -

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As the name says it requires a minimum contribution of human activity and do more machinery work. From taking water supply and cleaning clothes to drying them this machines done everything for you. 

What you need to do is just relax from your busy and hectic schedule till clothes are completely ready to come out.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests, it requires more manual work and more focus than fully automatic.. There are 2 different tubs for washing and drying clothes

In this type of machine, you need to manually fill the water in the tub of the washing and for drying, you need to move into the drying tub. 

Semi-automatic machines are less expensive and efficient in usage of water & electricity. It is not required a continuous supply of water and you add clothes according to your requirement.

You can also check our list of India’s 9 best semi automatic washing machine.

Extraordinary Features-

Fuzzy LogicBasically it is a combination of sensors that automates the complete process of washing. Once you use this feature the machine will automatically judge the clothes, the weight and the required temperature, water and detergent. You don’t need to input any manual settings hence laundry becomes ease of the task even for your kids to do.

High RPMRevolutions per minute or RPM means the process of spinning a drum does.  The number of turns 

Steam Wash When you desire to deep clean your clothes this is the best feature to go for. It uses water by increasing its temperature and steam to clean clothes which gives efficient unsoiled clothes. This advance feature dissolves detergent well and makes fibres of clothes soft and wrinkle-free.

Pre-soakHeavily soiled clothes require prior soaking. This goes under the process of soaking to agitate than the washing of clothes.

Bloom Wash It cleans clothes in 360 degrees with utmost gentle care. It rubs your clothes against each other and gives you exclusive wash.

Quick WashIt means your clothes will be clean in a shorter time than normal time duration. Duration of time will directly depend on the number of clothes. This feature is a blessing for you in any kind of rush.

Bubble WashSystem of bubble wash creates tiny bubbles through detergent and water to clean clothes. Bubbles go into fibres of clothes and it is an energy-efficient process. It cleans clothes at lower temperatures.

Delay Start/ Time DelayThis feature will help you to put clothes in the machine and set the time when you want to start washing clothes. This way you can delay the hours and usually a minimum of 3 hours and maximum 19 hours of delay.

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