Microwave Oven and Oven Toaster Grill

microwave oven and oven toaster grill

Microwave oven and Oven toaster grill give a dilemma at a time of purchasing. Both are best at their features and play their vital roles in the kitchen. They both have their pros and cons, as well as they simultaneously outstand each other in various aspects. You will see how they can easily make a difference in your life. Moreover, you will easily choose the best fit for your cooking habits.

What is a Microwave oven?

Solo Microwave oven

A microwave oven is an electronic oven. It consists of a fan that blows microwaves, which results in cooking. You place your dish over a rotating disc, which evenly distributes the heat that gives a better cooking outcome.

You should go for a microwave oven when your goals are baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting as well as the simple cooking.

What is an Oven toaster grill?

oven toaster grill

Oven toaster grill or OTG looks similar to a microwave oven but works on traditional cooking techniques. It consists of 2 coils which firstly get heated up and transfer heat to the food. It is up to you, whether you wish to use one or both of them.

It bakes, grill and toast with the help of 2 heated coils present on the bottom and top of the oven.

You should go for an OTG when your goals are baking, grilling and toasting.

What is the difference between oven toaster grill and microwave oven?

Although they both share a similar identity in most minds, they have their distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. For a better understanding of these appliances, you need to know various factors and terms related to a Microwave oven and Oven toaster grill.

  1. Time and preheat 

Oven toaster grills take a longer time as compared to a microwave oven. It takes 15 mins to preheat whereas a microwave oven takes only 5 mins. 

When you have to cook food quickly, microwaves are good to go.


  1. Power consumption

Microwave oven consumes more electricity, and it consumes less electricity as an oven toaster grill (OTG) has less technical features. Power consumption varies upon the capacity of ovens.


  1. Convenient 

Oven toaster grill is convenient to move because they are lightly weighted. The microwave oven as compared to an oven toaster grill is heavily weighted so arduous to move.


  1. Economical

Oven toaster grill is less expensive, and microwave ovens are more expensive. You can have a good OTG for 10000 rupees or less whereas a good Microwave oven could cost you 16000 rupees or more.


  1. Capacity

Oven toaster grill capacity ranges from 9-10 litre to up to 60 litres whereas convection microwave ovens have a maximum capacity of 32 litres. You should choose an OTG based on family size, the purpose of use and space to keep it.


    6. Utensils

You can use glass, metal, silicone or ceramic in an oven toaster grill. But in the microwave oven, you cannot use a metal utensil because microwave rays do not penetrate easily and lead to uncooked food.


  1. Adequate Cooking

Sometimes, an oven toaster grill fails to cook food evenly and, result in undercooked food from inside. But microwaves cook food quickly and equally.


  1. Autocook 

Autocook feature automatically sets time and temperature according to the dish type.

It is present in the microwave oven, but there is no autocook option available in an oven toaster grill.

After differentiating between a microwave oven and an OTG, you are all set to choose the best fitting appliances. You should make sure to pick an apparatus based on your requirement.

Both these appliances will make your cooking time easy, relaxing and also eventful.

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