9 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine

We have sorted down 9 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in India that you can buy in 2020.

Unlike an automatic washing machine, they are cheaper in price and light in weight. You can wash all your fabric easily in it and set yourself free from the laundry work with ease. 

A best semi-automatic washing machine is the one which will full fill your requirement that eases your task, consumes less energy, less time, and perform good cleaning.

All the 9 washing is the best semi-automatic washing machine that will perform well in many situations. All though not every washing machine is suitable for every person, hence we have explained every machine that will help you in choosing the best one. 

Along with this, we have also listed Pros and Cons which will tell you everything about the washing machine. We also recommend you to go through our buying guide below for better understanding.

In this buying guide, we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of the best semi-automatic washing machine.

Comment down below if you need any help, and we would be glad to help you.Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India

This Semi-Automatic washing machine by LG is all set to be your helping hand in your with its amazing features. The following washing machine has an RPM of 1300, which provides high spinning speed resulting in better cleaning of the clothes.

On top of it, it has a specially designed Collar Scrubber to clean your collars and cuffs, which makes a lot of your task easy and quick. Along with this, the washing machine has three modes; gentle, normal, and hard for cleaning different types of clothes.

The machine has an Air Dryer Technology that claims to dry your clothes 30 to 40% faster. Also, the body is of 3 MM thick plastic material that protects the machine from rats entering.


  • Air dryer 
  • Rat away technology 
  • High RPM
  • Collar scrubber 


  • Noisy 
  • High vibration

Samsung is a brand that brings innovative technology to all our daily appliances. This 6.5 kg semi-automatic machine will be suitable for 3-4 members.

The machine can pre-soak the clothes in the washing tub itself, and you can set a timer for how long you want the clothes to be soaked. This process removes stains easily and gives you a better cleaning experience.

Moreover, it comes with an EZ wash tray, which is another convince. You can scrub the collar and Cluff on it, and this will remove the stains on them.

Air Dryer, on the other hand, does its work efficiently. During the high spinning, dual air intakes draw in more air. By extracting more water from your clothes, it helps them dry faster.


  • Rust free
  • Air dryer
  • EZ wash tray
  • Wheels
  • Lint Filter


  • Wheels move only in one direction
  • Plastic quality is not good
  • Buzzer for wash timer

The following machine by Mitashi is a 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine that has two wash programs. Firstly, the Soft wash for your delicate clothes and another is a Standard wash for your regular clothing.

Moreover, the Sock Function allows you to sock the clothes in the machine. Once the water has filled up in the machine, this mode will shut off the system for a particular time interval. This sock the clothes which help in removing stains much more effortlessly.

The overload sensor can detect any electrical overload, and protects the motor from any damage. With that, the machine is rust free due to its plastic body.

The machine is a high-quality product with easy controlling and less maintenance.


  • Sock Function
  • Soft wash
  • Overload circuit
  • Rust free
  • Lint filter
  • High RPM
  • Lightweight


  • Noisy
  • Only 2 washing modes

Whirlpool has built this 7 kg semi-automatic washing machine. The machine has a 66L large tub for washing.

On top of the machine, you get a scrubber section. This section lets you clean the hard stains of collars and cuffs easily on top of it. You don’t have to worry about the panel on the top, as it is waterproof and shockproof.

Another perk of this washing machine is its Multi-utility Tray. The tray helps you sort out and carry dry clothes. Also, the washing machine has an Auto-restart technology which resumes the washing accordingly from the point it stopped due to any power-cut.

Soak Technology, in-build scrubber, lint collector are add on to its powerful motor.


  • Soak Technology
  • Scrubber section
  • Waterproof and Shockproof panel
  • In-build scrubber
  • Lint collector
  • Powerful motor


  • Build quality of plastic not good
  • Noisy
  • vibration

This semi-automatic machine by Samsung is one of the most economical washing machines. It uses less water and less electricity during the wash.

The scrub board in the washing tub helps in cleaning the clothes without damaging them in the machine. It also has an EZ Wash tray, specially designed for you to hand scrub the stains that need your attention.

The air dryer dries out your clothes quickly, and the lint filter in the washing area collects all the dirt from the water during the wash itself.

Along with the time buzzer, which informs you about the completion of each step, the rust-free body makes this product one of the best washing machines in India.


  • 3 wash programs
  • Child lock
  • Dual Jet system
  • Wash tray
  • Energy efficient
  • Rust-free
  • Lint collector


  • RPM is comparatively low
  • Makes a lot of noise while drying the clothes

Whirlpool has introduced this 7.2 washing machine with many features for our daily usage. Firstly, the impeller of the washing machine provides perfect motion for clothes to remove the dirt effectively.

Along with its wash functions, the machine has Dynamic soak time that can soak the clothes for 25 min, before the wash. The washing tub has an in-built scrubber to clean your clothes in the machine itself.

The multi-utility tray of the machine helps you in sorting the clothes and carry up to 30 kg of weight on it. Also, the spin speed of the washing machine 1450 RPM spins your cloth for 5 min to dry out your cloth swiftly.


  • Soak technology
  • High rpm
  • Multi-utility tray
  • In-built scrubber


  • Noisy
  • Vibration

Another amazing washing machine by the whirlpool is this 6.2 kg semi-automatic washing machine.

It has a 66 L of the large washing tub that can store a high volume of clothes easily. The in-build scrubber gives your clothes a perfect wash every time. The lint collector collects all the dirt and gives fresh and clean clothes.

The sock technology easily removes tough dirt by continuous soaking and scrubbing action for 25 minutes. The machine also has an auto-restart function that resumes the washing accordingly from the point it stopped during a power cut.

Also, the washing machine has a multi-utility tray where you can sort all your clothes and carry your dry clothes.


  • Large tub
  • Sock technology
  • Auto-restart 
  • Multi-utility tray
  • Lint collector
  • In-built scrubber


  • Quality of the plastic is not good
  • Noisy

This LG 8 kg semi-automatic washing machine is perfect for you if you have a medium-size family.

The machine has modes such as Normal mode for regular clothes, Strong mode for heavy fabrics, and a delicate mode. Along with this it also has a Sock technology in which you can sock your clothes for a particular time before the wash, which helps in cleaning clothes more effortlessly.

The machine has a 3 mm thick layer of plastic, which prevents rats from entering and causing any problem with the motor. In addition to all this, the impeller gives better cleaning of your clothes effortlessly. Also, the machine has 360-degree movable wheels, which let you move your machine easily.


  • Energy efficient
  • Sock technology
  • Thick plastic
  • Air dry
  • Roller jet pulsator
  • 3 wash modes


  • Lint filter missing
  • Noisy

This semi-automatic machine has 5-washing functions and 4 water levels, which let you define the washing entirely according to your requirements.

The machine has 3D Scrub Technology that washes your clothes evenly that even during the heavy load. The 3D lint filter effectively collects lint so that clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash.

It also has a Unique hard water wash program that gives better dirt and stain removal even in hard water conditions. Along with this, the motor is very powerful and the spinner is also very spacious which drys out your clothes quickly.


  • huge wash drum
  • 5 wash function
  • 4 water level
  • 3D scrubber
  • 3D lint
  • Spacious
  • High rpm


  • Noisy
  • Vibration

Buying Guide

After going through all 9 best semi-automatic washing machines, we hope you have shortlisted your best fit. If you are still confused, whether you should buy a semi-automatic washing or not, don’t worry. We have counted down all the advantages and disadvantages of the semi-automatic machine for your help.

You should also check our pick for the 9 best Fully automatic front load washing machine and 9 best fully automatic top load washing machine hat you can buy.

Advantages / Merits -

  1. Semi-automatic machines are comparatively less expensive than fully automatic.
  2. Easy to operate in terms of features and washing cycle.
  3. You can comfortably move it from one place to another.
  4. It is light-weighted.
  5. It does not require a continuous water supply and consumes less water.
  6. The washing cycle in the semi-automatic machine is faster and completes in lesser time.
  7. They are budget-friendly machines.

Disadvantages / Demerits -

  1. Semi-automatic machines require comparatively more space than fully automatic.
  2. Wash quality is average which, sometimes leave a few stains.
  3.  It has a moderate risk of electric shock while transferring from one tub to another.
  4.  Manually need to shift clothes from washtub to dry tub.
  5.  Manually need to manage water requirements in the tub.


it is type of a washing machine, in which you to do some manual work on your own. You will have to pour water through a pipe or bucket and check the water level manually.

You have to move your clothes from washing tub to drying tub and you also have to drain out the water in your washing tub after the wash.

For draining a mechanism is provided but you have to keep an eye on the machine before water spills out of the machine.

If you have low budget you can go for semi automatic washing machine. They consumes less power and uses less water compared to fully automatic washing machine.

However if you are in a working lifestyle where you struggle to find time for laundry and if you can afford, we suggest you to go for a Automatic washing machine. Less manual input is required and better cleaning is experienced.

Yes semi automatic washing machine are good. They will prove itself to be a helping hand during your laundry.They also wash your clothes faster and consumes less energy than the fully automatic washing machine.

Best washing machine company are –

1. Bosch

2. IFB

3. LG

4. Whirlpool

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