5 Best Solo Microwave Oven (Under 5000)

A Solo microwave oven is surely a helping hand, which turns out to be time-saving and works efficiently in our kitchens.

It becomes a prominent part of your cooking once you start using it. As most of the microvens, Solo Microwave ovens also have auto-cook functions. These help you in the times when you are running late or tired to cook due to a long day.

We have listed best Solo Microwave Oven in India that are under Rs 5000. We have compared them with every microwave oven in the market and they have proven themselves to be the best based on their functions and help they bring at there price.

To keep is quick and easy, we have also listed their pros as well as their cons, which might help you in a better understanding of the product. We also recommend you to go through our buying guide which will make it easy to choose and give you a broad idea about what you should be looking for, according to your requirements.

5 Best Solo Microwave Oven

This 23L Solo Microwave oven is suitable for your family of 3 to 4 members. Although, You can only use it for cooking, reheating, and defrosting.

It has a ceramic coating, which results in uniform heating of the food and, It also makes it easy to clean. Along with this, the ceramic interior also results in anti-bacterial protection.

The touchpad and Knob offered by Samsung are easy to use. Once you go through the user manual provided along with it, you can easily cook Indian recipes quickly and effortlessly. 

Defrosting is quick, which means you can easily reheat the food without losing the taste and the nutrition of the food. The oven also offers modes such as Child lock and Energy-saving modes, which ensures safety, and power-saving respectively.

This oven is one of the best solo microwave ovens available in the market today.


  • ceramic coating
  • Child lock 
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Quick Defrosting 
  • Effortless in daily use


  • Dark ceramic coating is an obstacle in viewing
  • Baking and grilling is not suitable

An easy to control and simple design is the main USP of this oven. Its total capacity is 17L, which will be suitable for small families and bachelors.

This microwave oven has 5-levels of power control, which you can easily control through a mechanical knob. Another knob sets the timer for your cooking. You can easily set a 30 min timer for control cooking.

The built alarm informs us whenever the timer is over, thereby providing effortless cooking. Even the defrosting process of this microwave oven is quick.

You can easily reheat your frozen food without losing its taste. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about over-cooking in this process because of the timer.


  • Easy to use
  • 5 level power control
  • Timer and alert alarm
  • Durable


  • No grilling or baking options
  • No digital display

It comes with a capacity of 17-litre and features which fulfills all requirement of small families and bachelors. The oven has a 1year product warranty along with a 3-year warranty on magnetron and cavity.

Because of the mechanical knob, it is easy to set different power modes out of 5. You can set a different power according to your cooking requirements and also change it during the process when needed.

IFB offers 31 auto cook menu from which you can select your desired dish, and with just a few buttons, it will be ready. You can even change the power level accordingly.

Along with all this, it also has a 30 min timer, which makes sure your food doesn’t get overcooked.


  • Auto Cook
  • Timer
  • 5 Power level
  • Can change the power level during its operation


  • No digital display

Morphy Richards builds one of the best solo microwave ovens in the world.  This 20 L microwave oven is suitable for bachelors as well as small families.

The simple design of this oven looks elegant, and the rotational dial makes precise control, which results in better cooking. It also has the 5 power level that helps in choosing the suitable power for heating the food.

As it is a solo microwave oven, it can reheat, warm and, defrost the frozen food. The Defrosting is also very quick, although functions like grilling or baking are not suitable for this kind of microwave oven.

With less power consumption and better efficiency of the microwave, oven cooking becomes effortless and quick.


  • precise control
  • 5 power level
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use


  • No digital control
  • No grilling and baking

LG is a brand that has brand recognition all over India. It is because of the quality of the product it delivers to us. This 20 L Solo microwave oven by LG is one of the best solo microwave oven in India that you can find.

Suitable for bachelors and small families, it can reheat, defrost and warm your food effectively. LG, with its innovative technology, keeps your food warm up to 90 min. 

The defrosting is quick and easy with this microwave oven. It doesn’t let the taste and nutrition change while reheating frozen food. The cavity is easy to clean and comes with anti-bacterial protection coating.

The Intellowave technology of the oven ensures the quick as well as healthy cooking. Along with this, it has a 44 auto cook menu with 28 Indian dishes that make cooking simpler.


  • Easy clean
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • 44 auto cook
  • Quick defrost
  • 90 min warm food
  • Faster cooking


  • No grilling or baking

Buying Guide

Buying a microwave oven can be complicated if the terms related to it are unclear to us. Keeping that in mind, we have summed up the list of the functions that you are related to the microwave oven.
Also to help you, we have sorted all different types of microwave ovens so that you can easily choose which one will be fulfilling your requirements.

Microwave oven and size of family -

First and foremost, you must sort any oven according to size of your family members. A small family of 2 – 3 members should be looking for oven of 15 L or a bit above ( depending on your eating habits). For a family of 4 members, 25 L microwave oven will fulfill the requirement, where as larger family than this must look for a oven with 28 L capacity or above.

size of microwave oven

Type of Microwave Oven -

There are different types of microwave oven that fulfill various activities in your kitchen. A Solo Microwave Oven is a basic oven that can be used for normal purposes such as reheating, warming, or defrosting frozen food.  They are the cheapest microwave oven and consumes less electricity than any other oven.

Similarly, a Grill Microwave Oven in an upgrade to Solo oven. Along with features we discussed above , this oven is  is capable of grilling, roasting and barbecuing. They are at higher price bracket than the normal Solo oven, but can perform more than a usual solo microwave oven.

And lastly, a Convection microwave oven is the most advanced oven among all microwave ovens. it can perform all types of cooking that are included in both Solo microwave oven and Grill Microwave oven. Not only this, these oven can also be used for baking purposes in the kitchen which give them a upper hand of technology.

types of microwave in india

We recommend you to also check our pick for the best Convection oven in India right now. 

Terms related to Microwave oven-

Rotisserie – This feature comes for grilling and barbecuing food. It holds food like paneer, meat, vegetables, etc on a rod and makes delicious grill for you. 

Defrost– This feature helps in melting your frozen food quickly. You can set time, program, power level or heating level according to your food requirement.

It works very quickly and, you are only required to fill frozen food weigh.

Pre-heat – It helps to set temperature before cooking. You can use the preheat feature for baking, grilling, etc.

Auto cook menu – To have more hassle-free cooking this feature is the right option to go for you. It will automatically set the temperature and time for the preparation of your dish. 

 You are only required to select the program and weight of the recipe to make the process easy for your microwave.

Child Lock – If you want to keep safe your microwave oven from a playful child, you can pick this option.

Timer– It fulfills your need to set end timing for your cooking program to get a perfectly tasty dish to serve on your table.

Family size– While selecting Microwave family size plays a significant role in the decision. If you choose according to your needs and members of the family, it saves your money and energy consumption.

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