9 Best Top Load Washing Machine

If you were looking for the best top load washing machine for your home you have landed at the right place.

We have listed down 9 best fully automatic top load washing machine for you which have been compared with almost every other top load washing machine in India.

A washing machine is a crucial purchase for everyone. No matter if you are a working person or home caretaker, or bachelors we all have experienced that doing laundry is always a time-consuming part of our busy lives, but now no need to worry.

A good top load washing machine will not only save your time in laundry but also will make sure the clothes that you wash stay hygienic which will increase the life of any fabric.

This list of 9 best fully automatic top load washing machine will surely help you in choosing the one that satisfies your requirement of a good washing machine. 

In case you face any difficulty related to the terms or need someone to guide you about which washing machine you should be going for, we recommend you to go through our buying just for once below the list.

We are sure you will have a better idea of the best washing machine and the related terms. In case you feel any confusion, please comment down below and we will be glad to help you in choosing the best washing machine for your home

Best Top Load Washing machine in India

Samsung is a brand that, as you know, has covered most of the electronics market with its quality and user-friendly products.

This Samsung washing machine is a Fully Automatic top load washing machine that has a total capacity of 6.2 kg which will be suitable for a couple or a family of 2 with a kid.

The drum is made of stainless steel which is enforced in a diamond head point in the inner portion with small holes in it. This cleans your clothes more effectively, providing a comfortable wash at the same time.

Samsung has tried to make it easy and clear for you to switch modes, hence LED screen and the buttons are easy to navigate and understand at first look itself. Also, the viewing lid is made of tempered glass through which you can easily observe the washing. On a side note, it also brings a sense of premium machine at a much lower budget.


  • User interface
  • Economical
  • Powerful motor
  • Magic filter
  • Child lock
  • Auto-restart


  • Consumes lots of water
  • No inverter

Bosch is a brand known for its high quality built and better efficient electric motors, used in various appliances.

This washing machine is efficient with a motor of 650 RPM, which results in higher rotational speeds that will dry out your clothes much faster than normal washing machines. More so the washing machine will automatically choose the right program according to the weight of the clothes you put in.

In the case of a sudden power cut, the machine will restart and resume the washing automatically from the point it left, so you don’t have to worry about the time it will take during a wash.

Other than this, you should also note that this washing can also work on low water pressure.


  • Child Lock
  • Dual Dispenser
  • Low water pressure
  • Auto-restart
  • Faster dryer
  • One-touch automation


  • Noisy
  • Plastic body
  • No inverter

This fully automatic washing machine is one of the most premium looking washers that you will see in the market.

Along with this attractive body, this top-loading washing machine comes with many interesting features. Firstly, the most helpful would be the in-build water heater. This heater will surely come handy during winters, but not only that hot water lets the detergent mix completely, which removes stains more efficiently.

Secondly, it has 6th sense technology that detects low voltage and water conditions and stops the cycle. Later, when conditions are normal, it automatically restarts from the point it was left

The motor rotates at 720 RPM, which dries out the clothes on the drum itself. The delayed wash also lets you set a timer for when you want to finish the cycle according to your convenience. This washing machine is surely one of the best top load automatic washing machines.


  • Child Lock
  • Dual Dispenser
  • Low water pressure
  • Auto-restart
  • Faster dryer
  • One-touch automation


  • Noisy
  • Plastic body
  • No inverter

This Godrej automatic washing machine will be a good purchase for you if you have a small family.

The microsensors detect the soap and water and intelligently control all operations precisely to ensure a perfect wash. The fuzzy logic is the cloth, the water, and the detergent so that you don’t need to insert any input manually.

With that, the ridges increase turbulence forcing clothes against both big and small contours ensuring the required scrubbing to remove all the strains out of the cloth. 

The washing machine could have been more user-friendly if the digital display had been provided. Both 6.2 kg and 7 kg models are available from which you can choose the best top load washing machine according to your requirements.


  • In-built soak timer
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Automation
  • 6 ridges
  • Auto-restart
  • Child lock


  • No digital display
  • No only wash option

The whirlpool has built this completely automated top-loading washing machine with most of the advanced features that should be in the best top load washing machine.

Firstly, its in-built heater adjusts the heat according to the weight you put in it. The temperature lets the detergents remove the stains more effectively by losing them from the clothes.

Another features because of which we added this washing machine to our list is its 740 RPM drum, which dries out the clothes completely.

Also, its Hexa bloom impeller rubs the clothes to each other in 360 manners so that you get stainless and cleaner clothes.


  • 12 wash programs
  • Hexa bloom
  • 740 RPM
  • In-built heater
  • Hard water wash


  • Lid not transparent
  • Temperature cant be controlled

The main USP of this LG automatic washing machine is its smart inverter technology. The inverter technology helps the motor of the machine work constantly without certain fluctuations caused due to electricity.

The motor has corrosion resistance as no dust, insects or humidity can enter the motor hence increasing the life of the machine. Other than this, inverter technology makes sure the machine works on less power consumption and also, less water is wasted during washing.

The RPM of the motor is 720 which dries out the clothes completely in the machine itself. It also pushes the clothes on the sidewalls of the drum, due to which you will get cleaner clothes.



  • Inverter
  • Better cleaning 
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent function
  • Jet spray
  • Hygenic wash
  • Auto-restart


  • No heater

The washing machine by IFB washes your clothes by its 3d wash system which removes stains completely from any path of your cloth.

The water is energized within the machine itself, which softens the water so that hard water doesn’t harm your clothes, and the salt in it doesn’t decrease the cleaning capacity of the detergent.

Another feature, that this top load washing machine carries is firstly its smart voltage detection, which monitors the voltage continuously and in case of high voltage or sudden fluctuation, it pauses the process and resumes only when everything is normal again.

Secondly, it’s auto-balance technology will detect the unbalance weight distribution and balance it automatically.

Also, its crescents on the wall of the drum are smooth which will provide the gentle wash to your clothes so you don’t have to ever worry about the wear or tear in any of your delicate clothes.



  • Water softener
  • Voltage detection
  • Bleach dispenser
  • 3D wash
  • Child lock
  • Auto-restart


  • Complaints found about after-sale service
  • Dark Lid

This washing machine will surely be suitable for you if you have a small family or you are a bachelor.

The washing machine comes with an inverter technology that makes the operation of washing less noisy. It also makes sure the motor consumes less power and performs more effectively.

Stainless steel drum rotates at the 700 RPM which will dry your washed clothes completely without any manual input.

The drum rotates in ease also due to its design it also pushes the water vertically the tends to remove stains from all other the clothes. The lid will shut down automatically ensuring additional safety with the child lock.


  • Inverter motor
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Smart Lid
  • Auto-restart


  • No in-built heater

Another masterpiece by Samsung is this automatic washing machine which comes with a new built-in sink on it.

The sink is easily operated with a push-button. This sink is placed for your convenience if you wish to hand-wash your delicate items by yourself, you can easily do that. Another special feature is its magic dispenser.

It mixes the water and detergent completely so that a good paste is created which cleans your cloth more effectively. The magic filter also traps the dirt from the clothes in an attempt to make sure you get cleaner clothes and at the same time, your drainage doesn’t get clogged up.


  • Built-in sink
  • Magic dispenser
  • Child lock
  • Diamond Drum
  • LED display


  • No auto-restart
  • No built-in heater

Buying Guide-

The washing machine is an essential part of home appliances and in the present scenario, there are different types of the washing machine to choose from.  Every new technology development brings new features in products too.

It is not an easy task to select a washing machine from such varied brands and advanced featured machines. To make things simple for you we researched and indexed a few of the best washing machines that you can identify according to your top-notch.

Washing Machine

Top Loading Washing Machine

In this machine, you need to put clothes from the top side and connected to the water intake supply. Machine take water according to its need. There is one tub for washing and drying. 

It is less expensive and budget-friendly comparing to front load. In terms of usage, they are more simple to understand and use for you. Top-loading machines are verticle so you can put your clothes without bending yourself.

Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading that is clear from the type that clothes need to put from the front side. They are expensive but the advanced features of the machine make it justified to purchase. 

Front Load machines contain distinct programs to make your work more flexible and comfortable. They consume less water and energy when compared to the top load machine. 

We also recommend  that you check our list of 9 best front load washing machine.

Automatic or Semi-Automatic -

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As the name says it requires a minimum contribution of human activity and do more machinery work. From taking water supply and cleaning clothes to drying them this machines done everything for you. 

What you need to do is just relax from your busy and hectic schedule till clothes are completely ready to come out.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests, it requires more manual work and more focus than fully automatic.. There are 2 different tubs for washing and drying clothes

In this type of machine, you need to manually fill the water in the tub of the washing and for drying, you need to move into the drying tub. 

Semi-automatic machines are less expensive and efficient in usage of water & electricity. It is not required a continuous supply of water and you add clothes according to your requirement.

You can also check our list of India’s 9 best semi automatic washing machine.

Extraordinary Features-

Fuzzy LogicBasically it is a combination of sensors that automates the complete process of washing. Once you use this feature the machine will automatically judge the clothes, the weight and the required temperature, water and detergent. You don’t need to input any manual settings hence laundry becomes ease of the task even for your kids to do.

High RPMRevolutions per minute or RPM means the process of spinning a drum does.  The number of turns 

Steam Wash When you desire to deep clean your clothes this is the best feature to go for. It uses water by increasing its temperature and steam to clean clothes which gives efficient unsoiled clothes. This advance feature dissolves detergent well and makes fibres of clothes soft and wrinkle-free.

Pre-soakHeavily soiled clothes require prior soaking. This goes under the process of soaking to agitate than the washing of clothes.

Bloom Wash It cleans clothes in 360 degrees with utmost gentle care. It rubs your clothes against each other and gives you exclusive wash.

Quick WashIt means your clothes will be clean in a shorter time than normal time duration. Duration of time will directly depend on the number of clothes. This feature is a blessing for you in any kind of rush.

Bubble WashSystem of bubble wash creates tiny bubbles through detergent and water to clean clothes. Bubbles go into fibres of clothes and it is an energy-efficient process. It cleans clothes at lower temperatures.

Delay Start/ Time DelayThis feature will help you to put clothes in the machine and set the time when you want to start washing clothes. This way you can delay the hours and usually a minimum of 3 hours and maximum 19 hours of delay.

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