Top 10 Best Work From Home Appliances to make your life easy

Work from home appliances

The time has forced us all to work from home and to be honest seeing the situation around, it is the best thing we can follow. But working from has presented the new challenges for all of us. You have to take care of the work, home and for sure your comfort.

No matter what is assumed about the work from home, you know it’s hard. Managing time for work, for home and yourself.

Don’t you want to relax a bit?

Well, you deserve it, and here are 10 items that will make you much more productive and comfortable while you work from home and do the work of your home.

To make your work from home easy

Water bottle

best water bottle

No matter whether you are at home or the office. You need to keep yourself hydrated. Talking about being productive, drinking water and taking a deep breath has always managed to bring out the best version of yourself.

And if you are thinking, you can just go into the kitchen and take a sip, chances are it will happen only 2-3 times a day. Moreover, getting up from the workplace can invite distractions which are a serious no-no

Moreover, as the winters are approaching, regular water bottles won’t do justice to warm water. We suggest you go with an insulated water bottle. They aren’t just for a singular purpose, and you know that.

To save you time here are the top 3 insulated water bottles that you can buy directly from Amazon.

Wonderchef Milton ThermosteelBorosil
Wonderchef-Thermo-Bot-450ml-Navy-BlueMilton Thermosteel Stainless Steel , 1.8 LitersBorosil
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Bean bag

best bean bags

Yes, they are comfortable and no one can deny this fact. You have your liberty to sit the way you want. Also, they feel like a good alternative to “Recliner” at a way cheaper price.

In addition, they are so lightweight that you won’t require to use both your hands to move it from your room to the balcony. Many offices don’t even have a proper sitting arrangement, but when you are at home, you have your liberty.

But if you go to the market, you will have to buy the bean bag and beans separately. But not with these 3 best bean bags that you can buy right away.

Mixen Bean BagAart Store Bean BagORKA Bean Bag
Mixen comfortable relax recliner inflatable lazy sofa chair, beanbag lounge chair inflatable living room party sofa chair setAart Store Filled Bean Bag with Bean XXXL Size Brown -for Home/OfficeORKA Classic Headrest Standard Size Video Rocker Bean Bag with Footstool Filled with Beans
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Laptop cooling pad


If you are working on a laptop, heat strokes are common if you are working for long hours. And this could be very unhealthy for your laptop. Excess heat means more pressure on the device and the battery.

Moreover, if the temperature reaches a sudden point, laptop can even crash not just once but again and again. You will have to wait for it to cool down to work again properly until it happens again.

For this, you get a laptop cooling pad. It is like the base of your laptop which has small fams to make sure that the heat stays under control. It is completely safe and must use if you feel that the laptop is heating too much.

Zinq TechnologiesCosmic ByteHavit
Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Five Fan Cooling Pad for Notebook/Laptop with Dual USB Port (Black)Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad, Adjustable Height, 5 Fan Design, LED Light, USB PBuy orts, Support Upto 17" laptops (Blue)Havit HV-F2056 Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooler for up to 17-inch Laptops (Black)
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Laptop table

best laptop table

Do you know, there are tables especially to improve productivity and with the laptop along with making it comfortable to work. In case you spend most of the day with the laptop on your lap, or the laptop on the table and you on the ground, you can get yourself a laptop table.

They cost you nothing compared to the comfort and quality of the product you get. More the functionality does not even end at the laptop. You can use it as your very own small desk to take notes, write a book, draw out your art piece or anything that you like.

Here are the top 3 suggestions for the laptop table

Savya home­ Multifunction Wooden Foldable Bed Table- LA MemeHo® Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Dock Stand/Study Table/Bed Table/Foldable and Portable/Ergonomic & Rounded Edges/Non-Slip Legs(Black)TABLE MAGIC- Midnight Black Laptop Table, Adjustable Height Kids Study Mate, Multiple Usage Table for Home at Any Place
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To make your home-work easy

Electric kettles

Best Electric kettle in India

Are you also fond of tea or coffee? Well while working from home you need to make sure you treat yourself better and get up only when necessary. And you can do this with the help of electric kettle. You won’t have to go anywhere, just put the kettle on the base and it will boil up water or milk  within a few minutes.

You can even boil eggs and make instant noodles with the help of this amazing appliance. If you want to read more about this, here are Top 5 Best Electric Kettles that you can buy in Indian 

Microwave oven

Solo Microwave oven

 Another kitchen appliance that will be your helping hand no matter how hard the situations are is the microwave oven. Reheating, cooking, and especially cooking healthy food with less oil can be your go to.

But again there are too many options to choose from. To help you choose the best we recommend you reading, 5 Best Convection Microwave Oven in India [2020] 

Vacuum cleaner

best vacuum cleaner in india

We have already discussed how you can be comfortable and also cook some amazing dishes using the best appliances while you work from home. Now let’s see how you can manage the works of home.

Simple! Having a vacuum cleaner, would pace up your efforts and give some extra time to relax a bit and actually see the perks of this time.

And just like above, here are 12 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

Other Work From Home Items that you may need are.

Extension Board


Office Chair


If you have any other suggestions that you would like to share regarding the work from home products, do comment down below. And also was this helpful? If yes do share it with your colleagues.

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