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We welcome every contributor who is interested in writing and submitting their piece of content. We are accepting guest post Even if you are a beginner, Kitchen N Appliances would be glad to hear from you.

If you are a new age writer, it would be a great experience to share your work, learn the process and get feedback which will help you to grow further in the industry. We try to post every article which is send to us, so you don’t have hesitate about reaching out to us. As you will be getting complete credit of your writing you can add this to your portfolio for getting future opportunities.

We will be reading every piece of content that you share with us on a personal level, where we will also help you in editing it (if needed).

It will make sure that you get a fair chance of getting on board with us despite there experience in this field.

Also to note, that we do not charge any fees for publishing your content on the website. Moreover, you will be getting complete credit for your work. You will also get a direct link to your social handles so that readers can contact you (if you want to).

You can submit your guest post (google doc. file link) at – biz.kitchennappliances@gmail.com, but before that, we would like you to read the following guidelines, to make sure your article gets posted as soon as possible.

  1. Length – We only post the article with above 500 words as they are more likely to rank in Google search result.
  2. Copied article – We do not accept any article that has already been published by another site. You must submit your self-written, unique content that you want us to post
  3. Way of writing – You can write in a way that you are explaining to your friend about the topic. You can use bullets, tables and self-made infographics. Try not to make any grammatical error. Even if you do, don’t worry, we will be helping you to correct it.
  4. Image – More or less, you don’t have to worry about the picture. If you couldn’t find a copyright-free image, we will do that for you.
  5. Heading – We will appreciate if you can send us a catchy heading suggestion. You can suggest us around 3-headings, which will help us in choosing the best fit.
  6. Target audience – We accept guest posting from around the world, but our target audience is India specific. Try to write something common in the world or which India specific.
  7. Content rights – We will be giving complete credit to you for your content. But we reserve rights to edit, add or remove that piece content at any point of time.
  8. Topics –  It is one of the most important guidelines that you should focus on while writing an article for us. Your article must be related to our niche. You can write on the following topics –
  • Best Portable AC in India
  • Best Commercial Mixer in India
  • Top 10 blender in India
  • Top 10 commercial water purifier in India 

(Updated 24/03/2021)

We hope you write for us a interesting article related to these niches. 

As discussed above, we won’t be charging any fees from you for the guest post. Moreover, we will be helping you to promote your piece of content. You can share a 150 words bio, about yourself and a picture of you for helping reader’s know you better. Also, share links to your social handle so that you can get a proper shout out.

We hope you come up with an interesting article so that you can share it with us and it can be published